Lester Ward Jr. Talks Recruiting

He is sure to be one of the top ranked recruits in the state of Texas. His speed and agility have caught the attention of many schools throughout the country. The Baylor legacy currently holds an offer from Baylor University, but is hearing from several others. BearsIllustrated.com caught up with this prep star to get the latest.

Lester Ward Jr. is one of the top 2008 prospects in the Lonestar State. BearsIllustrated.com got the chance to talk with Ward Jr.; a Baylor legacy, a highly touted prep recruit, and a well-spoken young man.

"The season so far is going pretty good, and that has been a blessing. Everything is going good. We are winning, of course. I think we got one loss under our belts. As a team, we are doing great and that's what my mindset is. Our team is excelling and I am doing everything I can to help that. One of our goals is to win the state championship this year. Just like everbody else knows, the only way you can accomplish that is to do it as a team. As a team, we are doing great."

Although the Scout.com database may list him at 6-2 180, Ward Jr. explains that the information is a bit outdated. "Right now I currently weigh about 193 and I grew to 6-4."

The talented athlete from Brenham is both a star on the track as well as on the football field, and he talks a little bit about one of his biggest assets; his speed.

"As far as my forty time is concerned, I have gotten a lot faster. I am also a track athlete as well, and my times in track are getting better. I ran after a national meet, and a 25 hour drive back to Texas, I woke up the next morning at about 6:00 A.M. for 2 a days and I ran a 4.5 flat forty. So, I can easily bust it around a high 4.3."

Lester Ward Jr. is catching the attention from coaches across the country. Baylor University is the only school to offer him a scholarship, but that is sure to change. Ward Jr. discusses how his recruitment has gone so far.

"Baylor has offered me already. I have not received any offers from other schools, but I am getting a lot of letters and stuff from basically every school. Harvard, Princeton, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Kansas State, Washington State, and Florida State. It has been a real blessing. It is always a blessing to know that you are talented and God has blessed you."

Lester Ward Jr.'s father played college football, and is considered a Baylor football legend. What kind of effect does this have on Ward Jr.?

"My dad is my dad. He is the only dad I have known, and he is the greatest dad in the world. He really doesn't care, he just wants me to go wherever I can get the best education. As far as Baylor is concerned, yes he likes Baylor, I like Baylor, my family likes Baylor, but right now what it all boils down to, and my dad understands it, and I understand it as well, is that it is not really my decision to make. I have to go take that up with the Heavenly Father. You know, wherever he leads me, that's where I am going to end up at."

"My dad doesn't force me to like anything, and he doesn't force me to dislike anything. He is always there to support me. There is nothing negative about Baylor. I have never heard anything bad about them, and they are very high on my list, but I have to keep my options open. Baylor does stand pretty high on my list, I can tell you that much."

Ward Jr. had the opportunity to meet another former Baylor football player's son. Matt Singletary, son of Hall of Fame linebacker Mike Singletary, was in Waco, Texas over the weekend, and the two Baylor legacies had the chance to talk.

"It was very interesting. I got a good feeling from him, and he was a pretty nice person. I got the chance to talk to him a little bit after the game. I asked him about how his dad is doing and different things. He seemed like a pretty nice person, and I would have to say that if God saw fit for me to go to Baylor and for him to go to Baylor, I'm pretty sure that I would be happy with the decision I made. I wouldn't mind having him as a teammate if that's in God's will. It was kind of exciting, I have to be honest."

When talking to Lester Ward Jr., it is apparent that faith and family are important to him as well as how he performs on the football field. BearsIllustrated.com will keep you updated on Ward Jr.'s recruitment throughout the season.

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