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Zac Scotten gave his verbal commitment to the Baylor Bears in late July. The 6-6 250 pound defensive lineman took the time out of his busy schedule to give an update on his status, and a whole lot more. Read more about Zac Scotten and where he stands only inside. had the chance to quickly talk to Baylor commit Zac Scotten. Scotten, a 6-6 250 pound defensive lineman talks about how solid his commitment to Baylor is, and what position he expects to play at Baylor.

"I am set in my commitment. I still had a few schools contact me, but I just love the coaches at Baylor. I think they are all awesome. I think they have a system that is going to work out real well for me. Secondly, the academic aspect of it really fits what I want to do. I want to study political science, and the program they have at Baylor is really good. It's just a good thing all the way around."

"I will be playing defensive end. Just by talking to Coach Wnek, I can tell that he is a really smart guy. He is always offering tips here and there. When I have had conversations with him, I just really like his philosophy. I like Coach Bradley a lot too, and Coach Morriss has also been a great guy. Whenever I was first being recruited by Baylor, he was one of the first guys that I talked to. That's not always common, you know, having the head coach be the first guy to talk to you."

Scotten was in attendance at Floyd Casey Stadium when the Bears hosted the Aggies, and was also in attendance when the Bears hosted TCU. Scotten explains that it is hard not to make friends with the other recruits.

"G.J. [Kinne] is a real good kid. He is a pretty cool guy. Rex McDougald and I have been talking quite a bit. Him and Lonnie [Edwards] both seem like good kids, and I can't wait to get up there and have them as teammates."

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