Kydarian Wilkins Talks Recruiting

Kydarian Wilkins measured out at the combine at 5'7.5 158. Although he carries a small frame, what really impressed was his vertical leap, measured at 35.7" and his ability to cover some of top wide receivers in the state of Texas. talked with Wilkins to get his thoughts on the combine, his game, and his recruitment.

Dallas South Oak Cliff High School has seen it's fair share of athletes come through it's doors. This year is no different. Kydarian Wilkins is a talented defensive back already holding offers from Baylor and Kansas. sat down with Wilkins to get his take on the combine, his game, and his current recruitment.

Q: What is going on through your mind before the ball is snapped as you line up across from the wide receiver?

A: Really, I am just calm. I am looking at what position the wide receiver is in, whether he is on the inside of the numbers or if he is on the outside. That lets me know what kind of route he is going to run. That lets me know what kind of technique or what kind of position I need to be in. I just play my position, I don't look at the quarterback, I look straight at the wide receiver.

Q: Late in the game, during crunch time, what is your thought process when you are out there on the field?

A: I know I am the captain of the team, so I am looking to make the big play. Everybody is looking to me to make the big plays. If I am in position to pick it I am going to pick it, but if I am in position to knock the pass down, I will knock it down.

Q: Talk a little bit about how you would classify what kind of cornerback you are.

A: I am a physical cornerback so I like to hit. But I can cover too, so I am kind of like the complete package.

Q: Explain how you are able to successfully cover a 6-4 wideout with your height at 5-8.

A: A tall wide receiver is basically looking to get the jump ball. So, I am going to take away the short stuff. I want them to throw the jump ball because most likely I will be able to get up their with a wide receiver.

ydarian Wilkins performance at the combine was so impressive that he was named to the all-combine team. Wilkins plans to attend Baylor's junior day on March 31st.

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