Baylor Offense Goes into Deep Hibernation, SHUTOUT

The reason there is no picture to the left of this intro is because there was absolutely no offense in Baylor's loss to New Mexico, 23-0. In his post-game comments, Coach Kevin Steele labeled the performance as "totally unacceptable" and took responsibility for the loss. Coach Steele, as the boss of the team is ultimately the one who will get the blame for the loss, but as poorly as the team played tonight, there is enough "blame" to go around.

New Mexico set out with an all-out blitz and never let up. Of course, the Bears - their coaching staff and their players - had seen the films and knew what was coming, but evidently a week's preparation was insufficient to adequately prepare an offense that could handle it. Not being present at the game and only able to listen, it's hard to judge if the problem was in the offensive line, the play selection, the execution, or some of all of it. However, as badly as the offense was, there is plenty to go around.

New Mexico tried to do everything they could to keep the Bears in the game, leading only 7-0 at the half, it could have been at least 17-0, possibly worse. Aaron Karas started the game and played into the third quarter. He couldn't move the offense with any consistency. Enter Greg Cicero. Fans listening to the game on the internet felt like he would get buried by the blitz, but he seemed to fare a bit better than Aaron Karas did, but if so, only a little bit. It was still "stagnation" as far as moving the football was concerned.

To me, this was an upset. I mean, with as many mistakes as UNM was making, plus the fact they lost "all-everything" running back Quincy Wright in the first quarter, Baylor had every chance to take the game away from the Lobos, but couldn't muster enough offense to threaten them. Whenever they got the smallest amount of success, an inopportune penalty would slam the door of opportunity into their collective faces. It was not pretty - no, I can go further than that, it was ugly.

So, what now? Where do we go from here? What's going to happen now? I am sure teams like Colorado, Nebraska, and others who got "surprised" today are asking themselves the same questions, however, their problems are not ours and our problems are not theirs. Solutions are like guesses, except that everyone with a solution believes they have the right one.

I do know this - there are a certain number of games that need to be won this season. The more non-conference games that are lost only indicate a bigger number of conference games that must be won in their place. I personally believe that "magic number" is now at three conference wins, but then, just like most, I am only guessing, too.

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