Talented OL Has Baylor In Top 3

Standing 6-3.5 and weighing just over 270, Jake Jackson is drawing attention from colleges and universities around the nation. He has narrowed his list to three schools. BearsIllustrated.com caught up with him to get the latest on his recruitment and his recent camp at Baylor.

At the Scout.com combine in Valley Ranch, Texas, there was one offensive lineman who took on the best defensive linemen in the state. Not only did he hold his own, but he appeared to dominate his counterpart in one-on-one drills. His name is Jake Jackson, a 6-3.5 272 pound offensive lineman from Southlake Carroll.

It has been said that the summer between a player's junior and senior year in high school is the time you see the biggest improvement in a high school football player's development. Jake Jackson is already a highly skilled offensive lineman, now he is getting ready to play on the next level.

"We have our offseason workouts everyday. On top of that, coming back to school in the afternoons to get a second set of lifts in. I am just staying in shape and getting stronger, and working footwork drills to get quicker and get quicker feet."

His hardwork has earned him the respect of his teammates, but also has allowed him to be offered scholarships from numerous universities across the nation including Georgia Tech, Baylor, Louisville, Colorado State, Houston, New Mexico, and Tulsa. Jackson has narrowed his list down to three schools.

"My top schools are Louisville, Baylor, and Georgia Tech. With Louisville, I have family in the area there. I have grandparents and uncles that live up there. It is a great college atmosphere, and they are devoted to their football team. The coaches are great guys. With Baylor, I have just grown up around Baylor. Both my parents went there and my brother goes there, and it is a very comfortable setting for me there. I know the ins and outs there, and the coaches are great there too. With Georgia Tech, that's the only one of the three that I haven't been up to yet, but I am going to this next week. The quality of academics there is great, I believe their business school is ranked 18th in the nation, and that's what I plan on majoring in. They stress education there, and it is a good place to get an education from people that I have talked to."

Jackson recently camped at Baylor University and had this to say about his experience.

"My brother currently goes to school at Baylor, so I stayed with him the whole weekend. I met a former Carroll player who my brother knew, Ben Hixon, who plays for Baylor. I have already been down there, so I pretty much knew about everything down there. The camp was a good experience. I got to work with Coach Morriss and Coach Schnupp, and I got to see how they coach and I learned a lot from them."

Although Jackson's parents are Baylor graduates, Jackson explains that his family is supportive of him wherever he chooses to go.

Jake Jackson expects to make a commitment by the 2nd week in August to give full attention to his high school football team and the pride and tradition of Southlake Carroll High School.

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