Baylor Gets Verbal Pledge From JUCO Standout

His verbal pledge filled a much needed roster spot on the Baylor Bears roster. Come see what Baylor Bears newest commitment said about Baylor as well as how hard work and dedication have allowed him to reach his goal only inside

Scott Albritton currently plays football for Santa Barbara City College in Santa Barbara, California. He recently gave Coach Guy Morriss and the Baylor Bears a verbal commitment to play football for the green and gold.

His position is not a glamorous one, and many people seem to overlook the importance of it--Albritton is a deep snapper. Albritton stands 6-3.5 and weighs in at 230 pounds. He admittedly has not maxed out his bench press in a while, but explains that he put up 225 pounds on the bench 12 times.

Albritton played his high school football at San Diego Clairemont High School excelling as a linebacker. He picked up numerous awards including male athlete of the year for his school, 1st team All-League, and Most Valuable Player for his on-field accomplishments his senior year. While he got a few offers to play football out of high school, he decided that Santa Barbara City College was the best place for him.

"What led me to City College in Santa Barbara was to get away from home, and also my brother goes to UCSB. Also, their campus is right on the beach. Honestly, I didn't know a lot about the program, but a couple of my buddies played there the year before and they liked it. They said I should go up there and play."

Albritton has not made a visit to the Baylor campus yet, but hopes to make one on October 6th, a date that Baylor has a home game, and a date that Santa Barbara has an off-week. Albritton explains that his verbal pledge is solid, and talks a bit about why he chose Baylor.

"Baylor is a good place for me to go. The situation worked out great because I get to play at City college for one more semester, and I will report to Baylor in January. My first season at City College, I had an injured finger and I didn't get that much playing time and experience on the field, but I have worked out since then. I have my snap down and all that good stuff. I didn't want to go to a Division I school right now, and get out on that field and not have a lot of experience out on the field. The coaches seemed awesome, and our offensive tackle from City College just took an official visit out there and signed with them. He said that he loved the coaches and that the coaching staff was awesome, he loved the school, so that also helped me in my decision to go there."

Albritton explains that he owes everything to Chris Sailor's camp, a camp for special team standouts held every year. Albritton developed a new snap, a more efficient one, and one with less room for error. He ended up being a top 5 performer at the camp.

With current Baylor deep-snapper Jon Weeks graduating after this fall season, the Baylor Bears won't have to worry about finding another guy to teach the position. Albritton will likely hit the field as the starter, bringing experience to the field.

Albritton will have 3 years to play 2, but realizes there are differences between JUCO football and Division I football.

"I would say probably blocking. We didn't do a whole lot of blocking last year, so it's something I have to work on. It is not going to be difficult, I just need to work on it." Albritton also jokingly said that crowd noise is something he might have to get used to, jokingly explaining that there will be people at the next level that actually go to the games.

So what does this opportunity to play Division I football mean to Scott Albritton?

"It's awesome. Ever since high school, people always said I was a good athlete. People said I had the ability to get a scholarship as a linebacker, but to get a scholarship as a deep snapper, I just can't explain in words. I can't believe that I will get to go to a great school, to something I love to do, something that came natural to me, and that I worked on to become better than just natural. My parents are going to save a lot of money too because of my hard work. It's just awesome."

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