Baylor fights back to take its win against Kansas

Sometimes a player gets many chances in a football game, but other times he may only get one. WR Robert Quiroga epitomized the entire Baylor effort Saturday afternoon when he pulled in a 41-yard pass for a touchdown which would pull the Bears to within two points of the Kansas Jayhawks. It was the only time he had been thrown to. It was his only chance to make a contribution. It was his only chance to make the play. He did it all.

Don't kid yourself. Baylor needed to break its Big 12 conference losing streak of 29 games in the worst way. They did. However, this game was not about breaking the streak. The fact they broke the streak will be every newspapers' headline because that certainly took place. The truth about the win goes much deeper.

This was the first time in Coach Steele career at Baylor that the Baylor Bears, down late in the game against a Big 12 opponent, seized the moment, forced the issue, and took the victory away from the other team. Some players made several plays, some big and some small. Some players who had several opportunities, missed some opportunities to make plays or make something happen, but enough players made plays at critical times to take the win, and that is why the Bears are among the conference leaders with a 1-0 conference record. For the first time in the history of the Big 12, Baylor is undefeated in conference play.

You'll be able to read about how the Bears got their win today. It was a team win as many played a key role. Many of the players and coaches who streamed into the locker room after the game had tears of joy and pure emotion falling down their cheeks. They had choked the life out of defeat and turned it into victory and that was just something they had never experienced before as Baylor Bears. It felt so good.

In some past games, this team has been accused of giving up - of quitting and going to the locker room, especially when being down so late in the game. When the Kansas Jayhawks scored their last touchdown with less than 3 minutes to go in the game, it wasn't the team that quit. Hundreds of fans streamed down the steps to exit the stadium from what they just knew would be another conference loss. I hope someone was there to lock the gates behind them and not let them back in. As these who were quitting made it back to their cars and turned on their radios to hear the final seconds tick off the clock, they were shocked to learn the Bears were still in it. They had not walked out on this game the way some of their fans had walked out on them. They knew they were going to win, and like it or not, argue with it or not - that is exactly what they did.

No, they're not there yet and the road ahead is much more treacherous, but they have a feeling different from anything they've felt before, and they like this new feeling. No matter what happens from here on out, they can enjoy this one because not only did they deserve to win - they made it happen.

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