From the Bleachers: Big 12 Fantasy Football

"From the Bleachers" is a different perspective on the world of sports.

Weekends during football season used to be watching your high school team play on Friday night, your college team play on Saturday, and your NFL team play on Sunday. Perhaps you actually got to watch the 2nd game of the national doubleheader on Sunday.

Times sure have changed. Thursday nights now allow national audiences watch live college football on their television screens. Friday is still dominated by high school football, but for those that stay at home on Friday nights, there is always a live college football game to be found somewhere on the 900 channels offered by satellite television. The National Football League owns Sundays and Mondays, and as the season progresses into winter, Saturdays and Thursdays become NFL days also.

So what's the point? It is not just football hysteria that seems to have taken over the fall and winter months, but it is also fantasy football hysteria. Almost every office lunch break, cell phone call during the ride from work, emails, and text messaging during the fall, I presume, just might have something to do with fantasy football. (For those of us who are involved in leagues, that is.) Fantasy football has become so popular that you will have fans in California watching the Jets play the Bills just to see just if Thomas Jones can gain over 100 yards so that fantasy player can get a two point bonus on his final score. Laptops are opened following every game while every NFL game is surfed on satellite television (those lucky enough to have it). The fantasy football craze, in my opinion, has hit an all-time high, and there I doubt any serious fantasy football participant will tell you he has not bought a fantasy football magazine or two, subscribed to some sort of fantasy football website, or failed to check the weekly injury report for his star wide receiver for this Sunday's game.

So with that, I dared jump into the realm of college football, more specifically the Big 12, and thought about who I would want on my team, if I were to draft a team made up solely on Big 12 players. For those fantasy football participants, it is standard scoring, ppr, and team defenses. Here are my thoughts:


Graham Harrell- Through 4 games, the Texas Tech signal caller has thrown for 1963 yards, 19 touchdowns, and only two interceptions. Averaging almost 500 yards per game and nearly 5 TD strikes is exactly what I would want from my starting fantasy QB.

Blake Szymanski—Although many see Missouri's Chase Daniel fitting the QB2 spot, I elected to go with the Baylor signal caller here. His 14 TD passes betters Daniel's numbers, and Szymanski has shown the ability to rack up some yards on the ground. Szymanski has been picked off 6 times in 189 attempts, and is averaging over 300 yards per game.

Running Back

Jamaal Charles—117 yards per game and 6 TD are some good numbers for this surefire RB1. The Longhorn tailback's 5.5 yards per carry average is among the league leaders and his 471 yards rushing is tops in the conference.

Marlon Lucky—Explosive and quick is what makes this ball carrier my choice at RB2. Averaging over 114 yards per game, and hitting paydirt 5 times on the ground make him a good fit for my fantasy squad. Add in the fact that he has carried over 90 times in 4 games, and you are looking at a workhorse in the backfield who is sure to get his touches.

Wide Receivers

Michael Crabtree-- Um, 11 TD receptions in 4 games, I don't care how big his last game was, this guy is a threat every time he steps out onto the field. Add in 13 receptions per game and 775 yards receiving in his first 4 games, and you got yourself a solid WR1.

Adarius Bowman—The OSU wideout has speed and has big play ability. He has only scored 3 times all season, and his 23 catches may seem low, but his 14.7 yards per reception is eye-catching. He averages nearly 6 catches a game, but his playmaking ability is the thing that I like at WR2.

Jordy Nelson—There are a lot of players that could fill in well here. Danny Amendola and Martin Rucker are two that just get edged out in my opinion. Jordy Nelson, the Kansas State playmaker, has done a lot in his opportunities in just three games. 30 catches in just three games shows that he is the go to guy for the Wildcats. His TD numbers are down, but getting 10 catches a game, the odds of him finding the endzone are better than not. He has good speed, and is a good route runner. That's why you will find him at my WR3.

Team Defense Oklahoma Sooners—16 sacks, allowing only 234 yards per game (only 44 rushing yards allowed per game), and 7 interceptions puts them atop my list for best team defense in the conference so far.

Kansas Jayhawks—It's early, but the Jayhaws defense has been playing good football. 10 total takeaways, allowing only 218 yards per game, and only allowing their opponents thus far to have 4 redzone opportunities puts them right behind the Sooners on my fantasy team.

So there you have it, my fantasy football Big 12 picks after week 4.

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