TV Broadcasters Offer Their Take on BU Football

During the 4th quarter, when it was quite evident the Baylor Bears would be losing to Texas A&M for the 16th time in the past 17 years (there was a tie in 1990), the TV play-by-play announcer, Bill Land, and his color commentator, Gary Reasons, showed a graphic of who Baylor had remaining on their schedule and offered some interesting comments about Baylor's future opponents and how they felt Baylor was looking at them.

OCT. 19

NOV. 23


Bill Land: "In Baylor, some people look, they go wait a minute . . . yeah, they're 3 - 2, but who have they beat? Well here's what's left folks (see schedule) and I think you need to understand there is a different attitude here, and they're going to be 1 - 1 after today. Travel to Boulder - ain't going to be easy - Kansas State, #19 - at Tech, at Texas, and then the Oklahoma schools - the Sooners here and at Oklahoma State. But the fact of the matter is they are a better football team. What's killed them, Gary, really all year, one thing - they're last in the league in turnover margin, and today, if you take one thing away - if you're Kevin Steele you say, 'Gimme those four picks back' . . . and it's a different football game."

Gary Reasons: "Coming into this game they were minus 10 in the turnover ratio. Ten more give aways than you took away, and they didn't do that well today, obviously the four turnovers in this football game, a big part of what's going on."

Bill Land: "The problem is, you can be better - you can be much better, but in this league, that I think it's sandwhiched. You've got Texas and Oklahoma, the number two and three in the country. And then you go down, and only Baylor and Kansas, I think, are looked upon as teams that are really going to struggle. And Baylor's better than they've been in a long while, but the rest of the league is so capable of playing with anybody that there are no . . . there's no easy wins out there, or a game that anybody can - allright, we've got that one."

Interesting comments from a couple of objective parties who don't have any kind of agenda other than to report things as they see them. If you were at the game, you certainly missed them, and if you were watching on television, you may have missed them as well. In any event, it was an interesting exchange.

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