Mike Williams Excited to Be a Bear *FREE*

When 6-1 180 defensive back Mike Williams re-committed to the Baylor Bears, they got more than just a good football player. Mike Williams brings a positive attitude, a commitment to winning, and a hunger in his pursuit for excellence. BearsIllustrated.com sat down with the Baylor signee to get his thoughts on recruitment, his signing day emotions, and the plans he has on being a Baylor Bear.

When Mike Williams, a 6-1 180 pound defensive back signed his national letter of intent to play football for the Baylor Bears, there was more to it than just signing his name on the dotted line.

"It felt really good. It was like a burden off of my shoulders just knowing that all of the recruiting was over with. I knew definitely where I was going, there was no confusion, and it was just sign and deliver. Not only that, but it felt like I reached my goal in my high school career which is going to the next level. I was really excited about it, and it feels good to finally reach that goal."

Williams explains he is set to continue his senior year of track and then hit the weight room in anticipation of getting faster and bigger to compete on the next level.

While the athleticism is present for Williams, Coach Briles sees more than just a gifted athlete. Briles stated that Williams is a "genuine individual who will be a great ambassador for Baylor University..." Williams gives his thoughts on the words of his future coach.

"Those words mean a lot to me, especially coming from Coach Briles. I bought into his ideas in changing Baylor around in the Big 12, not just the Big 12 south. A lot of guys might think I am crazy, but wherever I go I am selling my school. I am selling Baylor University and Baylor football. We will be the best, and I am going to let everyone know it. With Coach Briles saying that, it felt really good."

Williams discusses the opportunity he has in playing early as a true freshman.

"I'm hungry, and I mean I am real hungry. I want to see the grass right away. Once I get on the field I am going to make some things happen. I am going to put my team in some situations where we can put some wins on the board. I am just ready to play, and I think I can bring that presence of being that lock down corner no matter who we play against. The way that I feel is that if I have to beat out a senior, then I will beat out a senior. That's what I will have to do, I am just ready to get in and play."

Mike Williams discusses the recruiting whirlwind he faced during the last weeks of his recruitment.

"It was really crazy. Schools just came out of the woodworks, and these were schools that I had never really talked to. They were putting offers in my face and asking me to come on visits and stuff like that. To me, it was a no-brainer that schools coming on to me late really don't interest me. That means that I wasn't high on their list, and that they couldn't get anybody and were trying to come get me. I wasn't interested in that."

Williams provides that he plans on bringing everything he has to not only the football field, but to Baylor University as a whole.

"What I plan on bringing to the field is just mean, aggressive, 110% every play, no matter if it is special teams, running on the field, running off the field, no matter what it is, I will do it my best. I feel like I can be that guy in the secondary, that I can be that lock down guy. And any guy that I face, he is not going to catch anytthing on Mike Williams."

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