Baylor Bears Are Dancing

The Baylor Bears are selected to play in the NCAA Tournament.

The last time the Baylor Bears men's basketball team went to the NCAA Tournament Ronald Reagan was President of the United States, George Michael's "Faith" was atop the music charts, and Michael Douglas won the Oscar Award for best actor for his role in the motion picture Wall Street. The Bears played in the Southwest Conference, Gene Iba was the head coach, and Melvin Hunt was a team leader. That was then.

Flash forward twenty years, and the Baylor Bears are on the verge of heading back to the NCAA Tournament. The Baylor Bears finished the regular season with a 21-9, 9-7 record. The team set a new school record for most points scored, is only the 4th team in Baylor basketball history with 20 or more wins, and set a record for the highest attendance for home games in school history. Times have definitely changed, and Scott Drew is glad that the NCAA Tournament Committee has taken notice.

Scott Drew and staff have led the Bears to one of its most successful season in the history of the program, but had to wait as their postseason fate was revealed during a watch party held at the Ferrell Center on the campus of Baylor University.

The drama was in full effect as team by team, and bracket by bracket spots were filled, however Baylor had not yet been called. The feeling in the arena was quiet and calm, as people starting glancing around at others. No one really saying anything to anyone else. As the last pairing in the entire field was about to be called, the crowd in the Ferrell Center began to get a little energy. The #6 seed Purdue was announced, and that one final #11 seed yet to be named. The Baylor Bears' coaching staff, players, and the fans in attendance all waited, hoping that their name would be called. And it was. CBS camera crews caught the elation on the television screen. The emotion was a real and true and honest reaction to an uphill battle faced by the program.

After the cheers, the handshakes, and the hugs, the fans began to leave the arena. Coaches began heading back to the offices, the camera crews began packing up their equipment. As the stage cleared, one recognizeable face stood next to one of the large screens in the arena. Aaron Bruce, a senior guard on the Baylor basketball team, seemed to be taking it all in. Bruce, who signed with the Baylor Bears soon after the tragedy that hit Baylor University, appeared as if he wanted to get every bit of satisfaction out of the moment.

It has been 20 years since the Baylor Bears have gone to the NCAA tournament, and for this Baylor team, they are going to make the most of it.

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