With my relationships among those in the athletic department, many have expected before now a long, exasperating article upon my reaction to the firing of Kevin Steele, and probably moreso, my reactions to how it was done. Some are going to be disappointed, and believe it or not, some will be relieved, but if I wrote the story, it might cause harm to come to Baylor. It might open a can of worms that others might use to further their agenda - and then I would be no better than "one of them."

Yes, I could give you a detailed account of the when, what, and where of everything that happened on Sunday in the Athletic Department. If I did, and then gave you my take on all of it, I would do two things.

First, I would provide ammunition to many of those who want to "terrorize" Baylor right now in their attempts to enforce their agendas on the decision makers. It would mean I was aiding and abetting those who have chosen a path of destruction in their attempts to demand changes. It would make me just another one of them who do things without reguard to who might be hurt or how much damage it would do to Baylor, simply because I did not agree with the why and how things were done.

Secondly, it would hurt Baylor. It would mean that things I said would be hurtful to some who work at Baylor, but there is no way I could direct my comments to only individuals. Now matter how much I tried, my comments would somehow be construed as also an indictment of the school itself, and I'm just not willing to put Baylor into "harm's way" simply by writing my take on all the events.

I choose rather to read the newspaper accounts, get the quotes, get all the facts, and then comment against specific accounts. For example, here is a quote from the Dallas Morning News from one of the players: "I think they gave up too soon on him," quarterback Aaron Karas said. "They don't know what was going on in the inside." Now, many who say they are "in the know" have reported on internet message boards that Aaron Karas was in Kevin Steele's doghouse and was threatening to transfer. Of course, some, embarrassed by his comments, will call them something like "playersspeak" but do those comments indicate a player who has been locked up in the head coach's doghouse?

There are other comments from today's article in the Waco Tribune-Herald that only show that Kevin Steele is leaving Baylor with some real class. Too bad we won't be getting the same from some of the fans.

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