Ekpe Udoh Headed To Baylor

BearsIllustrated.com caught up with Ekpe Udoh to get his take on his recent decision to transfer out of the Michigan basketball program. Udoh explained that he has already made a decision on where he plans to transfer. That decision? Baylor University. Come in to read more about what he said about the program, and what he expects to bring to the floor.

Standing 6'10" 230 pounds, Ekpe Udoh is hard to miss on the basketball court. The former Santa Fe standout headed to Michigan to play his college basketball, and while he was there performed very well. Last year, he was the leading shot blocker in the Big 10, and averaged 6 points and 5 rebounds a game, started 24 out of 32 games for the Wolverines. However, Udoh made the decision in early May to leave the Michigan program and look elsewhere.

After narrowing down his decision to Arkansas and Baylor, Udoh told BearsIllustrated.com that he has made the decision to transfer to Baylor. Udoh explains the reasons.

"I just felt really comfortable there. Me and Tweety [Carter] really hit it off. I know him, and he is really cool. All the players there are cool, and I felt really comfortable."

Udoh explains that Baylor's strength and conditioning program had a big part in his decision.

"Their physical strength and conditioning program is the best out there. It is different; a different type of workout. The strength and conditioning coach was all basketball. It is one-on-one, and it is a different type of workout which I enjoy."

The talented forward tells BearsIllustrated.com that he is currently weighing in at 230 pounds to go along with his 6-10 frame, but hopes to be be at 245 when he steps foot on the court for the first time in a Baylor uniform.

As for his style of play? Udoh explains.

"I play with a lot of energy, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Defense wins games. I am developing my offensive game, and can work around the rim. I finish strong."

Udoh talks about how certain his decision to transfer to Baylor is.

"I am 99% certain. You can never be 100%."

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