Top Talents On Display at Baylor Mini-Camp

Art Briles and the Baylor football coaching staff held a mini-camp on the Floyd Casey Stadium field in Waco, Texas on Friday, and the talent level did not disappoint. Come in to see what some of them had to say after it was all over, some names to be on the lookout for, and's list of top performers.

The talent-level at Baylor's mini-camp was high, and several of the campers demonstrated their talents on the football field. South Texas was well-represented with the likes of highly touted San Antonio Alamo Heights quarterback Drew Allen in attendance, San Antonio Reagan High School defensive back LaQuince McCall, and Converse Judson wide receiver Phillip Gaines.

Other top-ranked high schoolers made their presence known as Dickinson teammates, quarterback Brody Trahan and offensive lineman Ivory Wade, demonstrated their talents. Round Rock Stony Point standouts defensive backs Julian Dozier and Kenny Browder also showed off their skills. spotted three quarterbacks that performed at a high level and named them to the list of the camp's top performers.

Drew Allen- QB- San Antonio Alamo Heights

This 6-5 200 pound quarterback showed a strong arm, and the ability to spot receivers downfield. He is tall, well-built, and confident. He displayed good ability to get it done with his legs both rolling left and right. A quick release highlights his form, and he was able to show consistent accuracy on short routes and deep routes alike. Allen throws a very catchable ball, and was able to create chemistry early on with receivers. Allen's take:

"I felt I did pretty good. I hit most of my routes. Here and there I'd have a bad pass, but overall I think I did pretty good."

Brody Trahan -QB- Dickinson High School

6-0 200 pound Brody Trahan showed why he is rated the 59th best quarterback in the country. Although height may be an issue, Trahan showed time after time that he has the arm strength to get the ball downfield. Footwork was fantastic in the pocket, and Trahan's ability to throw on the run was better than anyone at the camp on Friday. Accuracy on deep balls demonstrated very well.

Joshua Christian- QB- Concordia Lutheran High School

The 6-3 185 quarterback played with great intensity. Demonstrated the ability to move well in and out of the pocket, and showed great arm strength. Dropped elbow resulted in sailed passes on occasion, but overall showed he is one of the top 3 quarterbacks at the camp. Showed good touch on deep balls.

Quarterbacks were not the only ones that showed off their skills. Defensive backs were on display as several stood out from the pack.

LaQuince McCall-S- San Antonio Reagan High School

Standing 6-2 205, LaQuince McCall definitely had the best camp out of any other defensive back. Built like a linebacker, McCall moves well in space and has good closing speed. His physical style of play disrupts timing of receiver, and has the strength to rip football from receivers' hands. Strong footwork and size make him a valuable asset. McCall's take:

"I think I did pretty good. I think I did really good except for the last two reps. I think my strength is tackling, and manning up and pressing on a receiver."

Julian Dozier-CB- Round Rock Stony Point

5-9 170 pound cornerback Julian Dozier showed that quick feet and the ability to flip hips quickly is just part of the equation to compete at a high level. Dozier also showed good closing speed, and solid footwork in a back-peddal. Although he may lose concentration as the ball approaches, resulting in knock downs rather than interceptions, Dozier will get his fair share of interceptions because of good body control and good technique.

Kenny Browder-CB- Round Rock Stony Point

Like his fellow teammate Julian Dozier, Kenny Browder showed he belonged. The 5-11 175 corner, who also can play wide receiver, showed good cover skills on intermediate and deep routes. Too much cushion may get him in trouble at times, but he showed the ability to recove rquickly. If he he gets a hand on the ball in coverage it is likely going to be an interception, and with his speed he is not likely to get burned deep. Showed good vertical leap in one-on-ones.

Wide receivers got their fair share of glory during one-on-ones, but one wide receiver really made each rep count.

Tevin Reese-WR- Temple High School

Standing 5-11 165, Tevin Reese doesn't tower over defensive backs, but he can fly right by them. Hands were soft, leaping ability was solid. Demonstrated excellent body control with defender on his back, and ability to make one-handed catches on the run. Getting off the line with defender squared up against him may be an issue.

The list of good performers could extend a mile long, as there was plenty of talent on display. Under classman Eddie Johnson, and senior cornerback Phillip Gaines had good camps, as well as several offensive and defensive linemen. Baylor's next mini-camp is in Cedar Hill, Texas on Saturday. Stay with for all the latest.

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