Who? Who? - Who? Who? I really wanna know!

It's like a crime scene. Yeah, those two CSI shows are at the top of my list of "must see" TV, if there is such a thing. You get bits and pieces and then you try to fit them into a giant puzzle to figure out who the guilty party is. Trying to figure out who the next Baylor football coach is, is not much different, except that you use rumors to connect the evidence together. In any event, with that in mind, here is what I think "could" happen over the next couple or few weeks, maybe less.

Tommy Bowden is not part of the equation. Neither are any of the BCS conference coaches from very successful programs. Here is what we're probably going to get. THE COMMITTEE will find a coach who has just completed or is maybe in the process of turning a program around, especially if he's already done it once before. The school will be in a BCS or major conference, and look for them to have been pretty much of a non-factor over the past few years, or longer, where conference championships are concerned. It will most likely not be someone from a non-BCS conference, such as Conference USA. I also don't think this candidate will have emerged from a very large school. If he has experience with a small school or even a private school, that will certainly be a plus. I don't think it will be anyone who is already making in excess of a million dollars. I think the person we find will be making between $500,000 - $800,000, or slightly above.

Jim Grobe from Wake Forest is a candidate, as is Tony Samuel from New Mexico State. Guy Morriss of Kentucky is possible, and I think that is mainly possible because basketball is king there and he might see Baylor as an opportunity to go where football is supposed to rule. There could be two or three others. Now you get a feel for "the who" they are looking for. They want a coach who has successfully turned a program around, but not one that is so entrenched where he is that he'd simply use an offer by Baylor to feather his own nest.

Now, Hayden Fry has already been contacted and "consulted" with. The key word is consulted. At that age, and of course even I recognize that Reagan in the White House at 78, but still, you are taking a chance that something unforseen could happen to him. Of course that's true if you're 49, but you'll have to admit, not nearly as likely. In any event, we could just be getting started with Coach Fry and be back to square one with a single event - and I'm not necessarily talking death, as it could be as common as a grievous stroke.

Now, Spike Dykes is ten years younger. He's no spring chicken either, even having had heart surgery, but he is younger. Now, Spike has said that he won't talk to Baylor until after Coach Steele has coached his final game. That will probably afford a meeting as early as Sunday and as late as sometime before Thanksgiving.

That being said. Our "committee" is going to meet with these gentlemen. They are going to be wooed. They are going to see they have not only football knowledge, but knowledge of what it takes to be a member of an elite conference. To be honest, I think when we entered the Big 12, we did it on paper. I think our administration still thought we were in the SWC and had only changed our name. Truth was, we had moved up into the Big 8 and they changed their name. To them we just needed to keep doing what we had been doing and they couldn't have been more wrong. If Kevin Steele gets one ounce of credit, it will be that he at least got the administration pointed in the right direction as far as facilities, etc., were concerned.

In any event, I look for a new coach to be hired, but neither of these two will be him. I do, however, think they may play a future part. Tom Stanton has been criticized by many for ruining the football program. However, one thing that has been made abundantly clear to everyone is that Tom Stanton does not interfere with the day to day running of sports programs. In other words, he let's the coaches coach and the players play. He doesn't act like a Jerry Jones, get on the sidelines and direct coaching, nor does he get involved with recruiting. His job is to direct the athletic department, which involves raising money, building facilities, and raising more money.

Most of the flak he has received has been over the hiring and firing of football coaches. I suppose everyone of you who hire people have never interviewed and checked out a potential candidate who looks like a million bucks, only to find out later they just weren't going to work out. Well, it's not an infallable process, in fact, more mistakes are made in hiring than anyone feels comfortable admitting.

That being said. It is public knowledge that the day after he fired Kevin Steele, Tom Stanton was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a heart condition. Now, Spike Dykes had open heart surgery and continued coaching. However, no one has said one way or another what, if any damage was caused by Tom Stanton's "episode." It may be that he is fine. It may be that he is not. IF, and I repeat if we find ourselves in the position to find a new athletic director, it could be that one of these two men, could be coaxed out of retirement to be him. I mean the committee has spoken to Fry, and Dykes has said he won't discuss anything until after Kevin Steele is done coaching. However, both will have met with the committee and the committee is going to have been impressed and moved by what these two men have had to say about Baylor. They will be the favorites, should we have that need. Even though he is older, I would give the edge to Fry, simply due to his Baylor background.

Now it is entirely possible, maybe even probable, that I could be in left field on this,and the ball is getting hit into right. But, for what it's worth, these are the possibilities for things to come as I see them.

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