5 Questions: Baylor vs. Oklahoma

The #1 ranked Oklahoma Sooners are headed to Waco, Texas to take on the Baylor Bears in a nationally televised game on Saturday. Greg Powers from SoonersIllustrated.com stopped by to answer 5 Burning Questions. Come inside to see what he had to say.

1) So far, what has been the biggest weakness of this year's Sooners team?

There is no question that the biggest area for concern for the Sooners is their special teams. Many of the opponent's scores have been setup by poor kick-offs and poor kick-off coverage. Kicker Jimmy Stevens has also not really been tested. He has only had a couple of field goal attempts and he has missed a couple of extra points. It will be interesting to see a scenario where the Sooners coaches have to make a decision between kicking a 45-yard field goal or go for it on fourth and long. That would give us all a good idea for what type of confidence they have in Stevens.

2) Coming off a big win against #23 TCU, and facing the Texas Longhorns in two weeks, do you think there is a possibility that the Baylor Bears are being overlooked?

I think anytime that the Texas Longhorns are looming ahead on the schedule that there is going to be some look-ahead by some players on the team. How could there not be? It is one of the biggest games on the college football slate every year and probably the fiercest rivalry. There has been a point of emphasis this week to not look past a hungry Baylor squad, and the players are using the Oregon State victory over USC as a motivational tool, but they are certainly aware of the fact that Texas week is less than a week away.

3) How do you think the Sooners plan to stop the Bears' true freshman QB Robert Griffin?

I do not think they are even going to try to stop him. I think that they want to try to "contain" him. They know that Griffin is probably the fastest QB they have faced so far this year and he can really beat you with his feet, so they just do not want to give up the big play. OU usually does not use a spy, and unless Griffin starts to beat them badly with his feet I do not expect they will change that strategy.

4) Matchup wise--where do you think the biggest discrepancy is on the field in favor of OU (versus Baylor)

I think the biggest area of strength for the Sooners coming in to this game is team speed. The Sooners have put a clinic on their opponents on the first few drives of the game and I think it is because that it is just too hard to prepare for the speed of their offensive attack. They can spread people out or pound the ball with the same units on the field and it does not give the opposing defenses a chance to take a snap off. It is just a difficult offense to try and prepare to defend.

5)Is there a noticeable difference in the way the Baylor Bears football team is perceived this year than in year's past?

Everybody is talking about Robert Griffin and Art Briles. Briles is known for throwing everything but the kitchen sink at you from an offensive standpoint, and players like Griffin and David Gettis give him some exciting weapons to utilize. If the perception has not changed I think it is safe to say that it is changing or evolving. To take that next step they need to start knocking off some quality conference opponents.

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