Veazie Leaning Baylor's Way

5'11" 160 lb cornerback Allen Veazie knows exactly what he wants in a college. But with all the attention he has recieved, it takes time to narrow down his list. Subscribe now to see where Baylor stands.

Allen Veazie is courting Baylor, Portland State, A&M, UCLA, Stanford, Rice, Nebraska, and Colorado State for the moment but he has begun to favor two schools over the rest. Both Baylor and Nebraska currently sit atop the list of distinguished program for several reasons.

"Im looking for the school that has the best home environment and fits my style of play. I also want to know how the players get along and how the coaches treat the players. Team chemistry in general is important."

Veazie says he is favoring Baylor partially because it is close to home, but he sees far more in Waco than a short commute.

"They're on the rise right now. And I like that they don't mind people playing both sides of the ball. And its in the Big 12 which is cool."

Some former teammate rivalry is also playing a role in his decision.

"If I did go to Baylor I'd get to play against my two high school teammates that are going to Oklahoma and Texas."

Veazie will be considering his options in the coming weeks and hopes to have made a decision before the season begins.

"I have to sit down with my momma and take my time with it. I'd say after spring or maybe summer."

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