Eddie Johnson Talks Baylor Camp; Recruitment

He is ranked the 75th best wide receiver in the country, and his skills were put on display at Baylor's football camp on Sunday. Eddie Johnson is his name, and earlier in the spring, he committed to Baylor. See what he says about his recruitment and how he thinks he performed at the camp only inside at BearsIllustrated.com

He stood out among the performers at Baylor's football Sunday held on the Baylor University campus. Eddie Johnson, a 6-4 185 pound wide receiver from Midlothian High School, showed why he is a highly recruited and highly touted football player. He committed to the Baylor Bears earlier in the year, and BearsIllustrated.com was able to catch up to him to get his thoughts on the day's events and his recruitment.

On what he got out of the Baylor camp on Sunday:

"I got a lot of positive technique. I got instruction on the way to run my routes, and just the little things that the coaches can tell me toy work on going into my senior year that will make me better coming into Baylor."

How strong his commitment to Baylor is:

"It is very strong. I am a solid. I am going to Baylor. I have to tell all the recruiters that Baylor is my number one pick, and that I am done."

What factors led him to commit to Baylor:

"The coaches. It will be a great program, and it is on the rise. I think a lot of people next year will see that. They have a lot of talent coming in, and more talent coming in my senior year. So, it is going to be exciting."

His thoughts on the talent at the Baylor Sunday Camp:

"It was unbelievable. This year's camp is the best that I have been to. The quarterbacks were great, the ball was on the spot, and there were a couple that I had to bobble because it was so strong. The quarterbacks were strong, the defensive backs are getting better, and I love competition. So, any day, I love it." What his off-season conditioning program consists of: "I am working on speed, power, and get in the weight room a lot more. I work on catching about 300 balls a day. That's my goal, everyday, 300 balls."

On his relationship with Baylor signee Bryce Petty:

"It is great. I didn't talk to him about coming here. He came here, and he didn't force me to come here. He let me make my own decision. But it is an awesome thing. Me and Petty have been friends since I was a freshman coming in. I am glad that he is coming to Baylor, and I hope he comes out next season and has a good season."

If he looks forward to playing with Robert Griffin:

"I say it is an honor. You know how great he is. I am going to enjoy it ,the years I have with Robert. I am ready for it."

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