Coach Art Briles Talks Football

Coach Briles took time out to answer some questions on Sunday. See what he had to say regarding football camps, evaluations of players, what it means to be on campus, and the importance of satellite camps only inside at

Coach Briles took time out to answer some questions on Sunday at Baylor's football camp held on the campus of Baylor University. Here is what he had to say.

On turnout:

"You know, we are not as concerned with numbers as we are working with all of these kids. And then find some legitimate prospects along the way. It is hard to be a polished Big 12 player before you play your senior year in high school. What we have to do is a lot of projections with our evaluations. That's not always easy to do, but the place to do it is out here on the field. That's the purpose for having our camps."

What is the main thing looked for technically sound players or raw athletic ability:

"You got to have a kid who has ability to play. It has got to start somewhere, you know, height, weight, maneuverability. Then you start looking at the instinct, the coachability, awareness, and all those things. You are really trying to evaluate different aspects of a kid's game in a short amount of time, but that's why they call us coach. That's our job, so we better do a good job of it."

On Spring evaluations:

"We are familiar with a majority of these kids coming in to camp from watching tape. So, we have formed a little bit of an opinion before today and this just allows them to enhance it or keep it the same. The process is never ending because we have a list of 65 to 100 potential Baylor Bears. We got to make sure those guys fit what we are looking for."

On how much weight is put on camp performance:

"A bunch. A whole bunch. It allows you to see how they respond in a football atmosphere and a coaching atmosphere and a teamwork atmosphere. It plays a big role in our evaluation process."

To have a camp on campus at the new practice facility:

"It is great. We are very excited about being on campus, and we let these kids see what a great university Baylor is. And it shows the quality of our facilities now. So that's a big asset for us. But we are still going to do some satellite camps for some kids that might not be able to come here. If we find kids on the road that we feel good about then we will make sure they get to Waco."

On importance of Satellite Camps:

"It allows us to touch more lives. Bring our influence to more people, and them better able to come to us. We are about building a relationship with the State of Texas, and not everyone is able to come to Waco. So, we take Waco to them. Get people to understand the attitude and direction of the Baylor Bear football program. There is no better way than to get out and teach them."

"In the recruiting world, you can see a larger number of potential D-I recruits in those areas [Houston and Dallas]. There might be an outstanding player here or there throughout the state, but you have a chance of hitting a higher number of them in those cities."

On the kids that were walk-up participants in the camp:

"If they got a smile on their face and Baylor in their mind, then we will let them in the door. And it is our job to figure out who gets to stay."

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