Stephenson Looking To Light Up Field, Track

This 6' 160 cornerback prospect from Lancaster, TX is looking for a school where he can compete at the highest level in both football and track. See where Baylor ranks andwhy he thinks it may be a great fit inside.

Top programs across the country have been pursuing's number eight cornerback in the nation, Tyler Stephenson, but he says he isn't feeling the pressure yet.

What schools have offered you scholarships at this point?

"Im not sure how many. There's Oregon, Tennessee, Baylor, A&M, Texas Tech, Kansas, Minnesota, Oklahoma State, OSU, Colorado, Tulsa, Valderbilt, Wisconsin, and LSU."

Are you favoring any of those schools over the others.

"Right now I'd say my top five are Oregon, Tennessee, Baylor, LSU, and A&M."

What is it about Baylor that puts it in your top five?

"I love the coaches like coach Norwood and coach McCloud. I also like that it has a great track program. Baylor is close to home so distance isn't a problem. And I know that Baylor is where my mom wants me to go."

What other things do you think might factor into your decision?

"I would say the school. I plan to study kineseology so somewhere that has a good program there. I also want to go somewhere where I'll be able to run track. And I want to go somewhere where I can build good relationships with the coaches and other teammates."

You've mentioned before that your schedule made it difficult for you to make it to junior days, did you end up attending any?

"Baylor and Tulsa. Mainly I couldnt go because I was running track. But Baylor opened up for us to come visit on Sunday and me and two of my teammates. So that was real nice."

What about summer plans? Will you be attending any camps?

"At this moment I can't say because the last camp I was supposed to go to was LSU but I ended up not being able to go because I was in Puerto Rico that week."

As a player, what do you think you can offer teams who are recruiting you?

"I would say just being able to play a lot of different coverages and also being able to take on that leadership role."

Have you set a date for when you would like to make a decision yet?

"I would probably say sometime at the end of the season."

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