Kates Taking a Hard Look at Baylor

Andre Kates has already committed to Indiana. Find out why he is rethinking that commitment and what he likes about Baylor inside.

Andre Kates may be committed to Indiana for now, but rumors have been circulating that he is still on the market. BearsIllustrated.com caught up with him to separate fact from fiction.

As a junior college stand out, you have been on the radar of some of the top college football programs for over a year now. What have you been doing in that time?

"Well I just transferred from Erie College in Buffalo to ASA in Brooklyn. I have coaches that really care about me here. All of the coaches. Especially Head Coach Dennis Orlando. He really cares about his players. Also our strength and conditioning coach, coach Bolt. He gets you in the weight room and gets you stronger and faster to get you ready for Division 1 colleges. This is the first year the team had a program and I feel as though I can be a leader here. I want to watch my whole team succeed."

You are currently committed to Indiana, how strong is that?

"Right now its a soft commitment but right now I'm still committed."

Have you received any new interest since making that call?

"Yes, Ive gotten offers from Miami, Baylor, Washington State, Memphis, UCLA, Illinois, Buffalo, Clemson, Maryland, BYU, Hawaii, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech and I'm close to offers from Michigan State, Minnesota, and Virginia Tech."

You said Baylor has been recruiting you recently, what are your thoughts on the Bears?

"Oh I like Baylor a lot. Coach Norwood is from the same place as me, Maryland. And a friend of mine starts defensive tackle for them also."

Would you say you are seriously considering Baylor?

"I like Baylor a lot. As a matter of fact I was going to give coach Norwood a call today but I was so busy with practice and stuff since I just transferred junior colleges. But yes I'm really interested in Baylor. As a matter of fact my head coach here, we've built a real good relationship and really only he knows what schools I'm really interested in but yes, I did tell him Baylor was one of those schools."

So would you say Baylor is in your top five or top ten?

"Right now I don't have a top five. I'm open to a lot of schools but Baylor is really up there. I like them a lot."

You mentioned Coach Norwood as being part of the appeal of Baylor, why is that?

"He keeps it real. Even if Baylor isn't my decision he's told me what to look for and what not to look for. I never had a dad kind of figure in my life so I listen to to Coach Norwood and he tells me about different aspects, not even football-wise, but grades for instance and different type of stuff."

Do you have any idea when you might make a final decision whether it be for Baylor, Indiana, or someone else?

"Probably after the season. But yeah Baylor is really good for me. I think it will be a good fit. As a matter of fact I was just on YouTube watching Baylor football."

While at Erie College Kates piled up 49 tackles, 3 interceptions, 11 pass breakups, 1 forced fumble, 3 blocked field goals, First Team All Conference honors in the Western New York Athletic Conference, and was selected as Defensive Back of the Year.

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