Riley Likes More Than Just Track At Baylor

Rumors had circulated on "other" recruiting sites that Dietrich Riley considered Baylor an option primarily due to its track program. See his response as well as what factors will ultimately help him make a call inside.

6'1" 200 lb players turning in a 4.45 and possessing the athletic ability of Dietrich Riley don't fall into the lap of a high school coach everyday and when they do, they often play all over the field. Riley has lined up at running back, wide receiver, outside linebacker and safety this season so it is difficult to say where he might play at the next level. What is clear is that he possesses a talent that has caught the attention of some of the top programs in the country. caught up with him to find out where he may be headed in 2010.

You've indicated that you are still expecting offers from a few schools, who has made firm offers so far?

"Alabama, Tennesee, Oklahoma, Michigan, Notre Dame, USC, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, Washington, Oregon, Cal, Baylor, Nebraska, Colorado, and a few others I cant remember."

Are there any schools you are more interested in currently? Do you have a top 5 or top 3?

"I haven't begun to create a list yet. I plan to take all five official visits and make a decision from there. But right now Tennessee is probably my number one. I also want to visit Notre Dame. Many athletes aren't given the opportunity to get an offer from them so I don't want to just pass it up. But I don't want to knock anyone out. I want to keep it open right now."

You have an offer on the table from Baylor. What do you think about the Bears?

"I was reading on the internet that people were saying that I was only interested in Baylor because of their track program. That's false. Even though their track program has definitely produced many greats like Michael Johnson for example. But I got a chance to watch them play once and (Robert Griffin) was a very exciting young athlete and I'm sure he's going to make a lot of noise in college football in the next few years."

So would you say Baylor is somewhere you are seriously considering?

"Definitely. I mean this is the Big 12 so you can't go wrong. Every team in the Big 12 competes and wins games. They're not just there to get beat every year; they're definitely a team that's going to be on the rise and shock some people I believe."

What else has interested you about Baylor?

"My uncle sent me some mail on their training table. It broke down the food of what I would be eating there every day. I thought it was cool how they broke it down day by day and showed me exactly what I would be eating because if I end up going out of state, diet is going to be an important thing."

What other things will factor into your final decision?

"I've been sitting down and writing out the pros and cons of what I like about each school. Distance isn't really a factor that's playing a role in my decision. I'm looking at wins, past seasons, coaching, my relationship and whether Ive been hearing from them a lot."

What are your summer plans? Are you attending any camps?

"I was at USC Rising Stars Camp and my performance got a write-up in the "LA Times" but I'm not planning on going to any more right now."

What do you think your strengths are as a player?

"My size, strength and speed. But especially my versatility; on offense I can play running back, receiver, split in the slot or out wide, I can even throw the ball. On defense I can roll up and play in the box or roll back and be a free and play the deep pass. I blitz with an attitude and play with aggression."

When do you plan on making a call for a school?

"I don't plan on making a decision until maybe after the season. I want to really experience the whole recruiting process and get a feel for what these schools have to offer. I want to get out of California and see a whole different lifestyle at other schools; create relationships with other guys in my class and get to know them and get to know the coaches more importantly. And then whatever feels the best to my parents and I and my family cause its going to be one of the most important decisions I'm going to make in my life."

While at St Francis High School, Riley amassed 1300 yards rushing, 200 yards receiving, 15 TDs, 55 tackles, 2 forced fumbles, 1 int and 4 sacks.

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