Baylor Coach Art Briles Postgame Quotes

Baylor head football coach, Art Briles, answered questions after Saturday's victory over the Northwestern State Demons, 68-13.

Baylor head football coach, Art Briles, answered questions after Saturday's victory over the Northwestern State Demons, 68-13.

On getting a lot of players into the game:
"Yeah that is the best part about it. A lot of these guys workout, workout, workout, and never get to play. And that is really the most important part of it besides the victory. It is fun for them, it is fun for the people that care about them, and it's fun for us. And it is really fun for our players. The other guys that play a bunch that get to come in and see these guys play, they really root hard for them, and it's really good."

On Robert Griffin coming back into the game after getting injured:
"First of all, I was just thankful that he was able to get back onto the field. I have seen Robert take a lot of hits over the last couple of years. I knew the way that he got hit that he was bent up a little bit. For him to come back and be able to play, I think do think certainly showed a lot of guts and determination which he has always shown. That's never been questioned, and it should never be questioned by any of our players, and I don't think it ever will be. I thought he performed tremendously well the rest of the first half when we needed him to. He kind of rallied up, and he got our guys going, and he let us get out there and do some things. We have to wait to see what the final analysis is, but for right now, we were just glad he was able to get out there and play some tonight."

On his level of a concern when Griffin went down. on a scale of 1-10:
"We're stopping at 10? I like winning football games, you know, if there are 52 cards in a deck, I like having 52 of them."

On this win and team's confidence:
"You know, confidence and reality, sometimes, are different things. I think confidence is a hard thing to define. It is kind of in the eye of the beholder. I don't think we have ever doubted our confidence, I don't think that happened last week. We understand that the University of Connecticut is a good football team, we understand that we did not play real well, and the outcome did not come in our favor. Did that shot our confidence? No. Did that make us want to play better this week as far as allowing opponents dictate how the temp of the game went? Yes. So those were our objectives going into the game this week. Having a win tonight got us another win. So what we are going to do is go out and try and beat Kent State next week."

On decision to take a knee at end of game:
"To me, it is a non-decision. At that stage of the game, I didn't see what putting 75 points on the board would do. 68 seemed to be plenty. Like I have said, I am not a sheltered person. I have been kicked around a little bit. I know how it feels to be on the other sideline. I know how those players feel, and I know how those people that care for those players feel. We had the game won. That's what you do when you play the game, you try to win it."

On offense's opening drive:

"We go 10 plays, and we don't convert a 4th and 2. We shouldn't have a 10 play drive and not get some points. When we get 10 plays, we ought to be pointing up. So that was a bad series of events to begin with. And they [Northwestern State] are going to come out with emotion. It is a huge game for them. If you sit in their locker room, they are not sitting around with their legs crossed yawning. They are fired up, they are hollering and screaming, and they are thinking, 'This is our chance. This is our day'. We knew they would come out of the game with a lot of energy and a lot of emotion. What you have to do is withstand it. It is 60 minutes, it is not 2. Our guys did a good job, and I think our guys played as a mature football team."

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