Art Briles: Tuesday Press Conference

The Baylor Bears head to College Station, Texas this Saturday to face the Texas A&M Aggies. Tuesday, Baylor Head Coach Art Briles met with the press. Read what he had to say inside.

Opening Statement:

"Coming off last week, we played a good football team. With teams like that we have to play extremely well and error free. We have to win the 3 majors: field position, turnovers, and momentum. I think the outcome determined we did not do that. We are still breathing, we are still fighting, and we are moving on. We are getting ready for the Aggies this week."

On whether this week's game takes on a bigger meaning with bowl implications on the line for both teams:

"Yeah, it does, and thankfully so. That's the good part. I welcome the challenge of the bowl implications that are involved because that's why you play. I think if you asked me that and I would have said, ‘no', I wouldn't have been honest. So, certainly it does. It is always going to be a big game because it is in-state rivalry, and they are 80 miles down the road. You add a bowl to it, it makes it even better. "

On whether Aggies' QB Jerrod Johnson has improved a lot since last year:

"I think so, and I think he was good last year. I really did. I think he is a good football player, and I think he was good in high school. Very talented, actually real mobile coming out of high school, and he has become a real big person. I think he is about 243 pounds, has a tremendous arm, and I think he is a good football player. I think it is evidenced by the fact of what they are doing offensively. So, I thought he was good last year, and I think he is good this year. He just has more experience." On what he has received in terms of play from defensive tackle Trey Bryant:

"Consistency, which I think is the key to success. Any walk of life, anything you do, you don't need to be up and down, you need to be as consistent as possible. People need to know what they are going to get before they get to you. So, I appreciate that about him. He comes to work everyday, does a good job, very solid across the board in the weight room, on the field, in the classroom, and off the field. Those are all good things. He's played extremely well for us, he has done a good job up front, and has taken on a lot more vocal leadership role for us. Which is a little bit out of character for him, so I really admire him for that."

On the impact of Terrance Williams and Dary Stone on special teams:

"Terrance [Williams] is a real good football player. He had a great spring for us. He's a real solid kid. You know what's going to happen when he touches the ball, he is going to go north and south. He has a good feel of when he needs to get down and protect himself and the football, which is very important anywhere on the offensive side of the ball particularly the kicking game. I like Terrance because of the kind of person he is: straightforward, goes to work, and takes care of business. Dary [Stone] actually competed for the job in Summer camp. It didn't work out then, and through the course of the season, he is our short to intermediate field goal and extra point kicker. If we go 40 or more, or 37 or more depending on wind, then Ben [Parks] will come in and do it. But, it's nice to see someone with the opportunity to come in and contribute. That's what it is all about. That's what being a good teammate is. Finding a way to help the team win."

On how you plan on stopping Aggies' defensive standout Von Miller:

"He's good. You know, last year he was kind of a second team guy. You know, last year towards the end of the season, we started noticing him. He had a good game against us also, and actually against Jason [Smith] because he was so quick, and Jason had a hard time getting on him. So, we have been very aware of him for 12 months now, and he is the main person up front that you have got to watch. The thing that they have done different this year than last year is that he is not always going to be lined up right over here or right over there. They are moving him around, they are standing him up, he is at both ends, and he is coming off the edge some standing up. So, its hard to get a beat on him where he is going to be and why he is there. They know what they are doing, and they know he is a good football player."

On the rivalry between Baylor and Texas A&M:

"I really felt in last year a bunch. It's always going to be a big game bowl implications o not. Fortunately, we have bowl implications so that makes it even better."

On what it will take to enjoy success against the Aggies who are 4-1 at Kyle Field this season:

"If the light is red you stop. It's green, you go. We are playing at A&M, we got to go there and win. It really doesn't make a difference what I think, or how I feel because that's the situation that we are in. I know our guys will be ready, and they will be prepared. It is a great atmosphere and a great environment. We are going to focus between the lines for 60 minutes, and if we are paying attention to anything else, we are not doing our job."

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