Baytown Boys, part 1

Baytown Lee High School is contributing not one, but two solid commits to Baylor University this signing day. Read on to find out the latest in this two part story only from

In American football today, speed is commonly measured in the forty yard dash. If an athlete can run a 4.4 or 4.5 second forty, it's usually considered impressive. Well, what about a 4.9? I'll agree, it's not as fast, but then add three hundred pounds of muscle and motivation to the mix; enter Xavier Ruben. I'm no physicist, but I can guesstimate that the amount force behind that hit is enough to do some serious damage. Ruben is a current commit to Baylor University and the topic of part one of this article.

In the recruiting race, several big name schools had their eye on Ruben, including one of the current BCS title contenders. Ruben spoke with us about what made him turn down other schools, including the University of Alabama, and decide on Baylor.

"I liked the coaches, the players, the facilities; I just felt at home when I went… As for Bama being in the championship, I'm happy for them, but I know I made the right choice."

BCS title games aside, Ruben also talked about the position he'd be playing and when we might see him on the field.

"I've talked to coach Achuff and I'm for sure going to be redshirted. As for position, I played both offensive and defensive line in high school, but he said I'll be playing defensive tackle."

One of Ruben's teammates, who played both offensive and defensive line with him in high school, is also verbally committed to Baylor. Ruben had this to say about his competitive relationship with Tim Smith.

"I'm actually in the weight room with Tim right now. We're always pushing each other and have competed with each other for four years. Its good having some one I can trust going to be there with me."

We'll talk to Tim more about the camaraderie between the two in the second part of this article. To finish up the interview, Ruben told about how much it meant to him to be going to Baylor University.

"Going to such a good school is a big deal. I'll be the first person in my family to go to college, so getting a scholarship to Baylor… it's like a dream for my family. My parents are really proud."

Be on the lookout for part two of this article, coming soon. And, as always, stick with for the latest on Baylor recruiting and athletics.

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