Baytown Boys, part 2

Baytown Lee High School is contributing not one, but two solid commits to Baylor University this signing day. Read on for the conclusion of this two part story only at

Part 1 of this article focused on the behemoth of a defensive lineman known as Xavier Ruben. However, there isn't just one juggernaut out of Baytown Lee committed to Baylor University. At 6'4" and 280 lbs, Tim Smith is also a force to be reckoned with. talked to Tim about his offseason plans, where he'll be next season, as well as a bond that drove two players to exceptional performance.

"Coaches haven't really told me any specifics I need to be working on [during the offseason]. I'll be doing power-lifting and probably track. I'll be lifting in the heavyweight division and it should be interesting considering I haven't done it since sophomore year."

What Smith has heard from the coaches is where and when he's supposed to see the field.

"I'm going to red shirt for sure. I'm going to be playing offensive line, probably tackle and then later on down the road Coach said he'll probably move me in to center. They want to red shirt me to get my strength and size up."

The most compelling part of the story of these "Baytown Boys" is the competitive relationship between two young athletes that propelled them both towards their dreams of playing Division 1 football.

"We've played together since freshmen year and competing with each other the whole time. I don't think either one of us could be where we are right now without each other. We're always breathing down each others necks and pushing one another. I'm really excited to go to the next level and play with Xavier for another five years."

And Smith's feelings about playing football for the Baylor Bears?

"Oh man I'm psyched. I'm ready to go to the next level and play division one of course; that's been on of my dreams playing throughout high school."

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