Prince Coming Soon

Three star recruit Prince Kent has committed to Baylor, but questions have been asked as to if or when he will arrive on campus. We put the rumors to rest with the latest from Kent, only at

Prince Kent is a three star recruit out of Norcross, Virginia, that has been chomping at the bit to get to Baylor University. Well, at last, the wait is over. Kent told that we'll be seeing him wear the green and gold this semester.

"I'll be enrolling at Baylor most likely on Wednesday. I have one more thing that we have to get squared away with NCAA and I'll be enrolling there."

Another important question was where on the field Kent would be playing.

"Either corner or free safety. With the guys they have coming back, I'll just kind of play in a spot where I'm needed."

With a team-before-self attitude, Kent expanded on his thoughts of playing; his biggest goal is to give his all for a worthy team.

"The big thing about it is I'm not looking to come in and be the big man on campus. The main thing I asked them [the coaches], even when I first got there on my initial visit, was if I was going to have the opportunity to get on the field, and their answer was yes. Like I said, I don't look to come in and be the big man on campus, I just need the opportunity to get on the field. Once I get on the field, as long as I'm doing what I've got to do, and working as hard as I know I'm going to work, then it'll take care of itself."

If that wasn't enough, Prince also shared his feelings of excitement about getting to don the Bears' colors.

"I'm anxious, you know, because I've been waiting for this since last June. More than anything, it's just a blessing to me, you know, because I've been through so much and my and my time is here and now…so yeah, just anxious."

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