Merka on the Market

Even though signing day is still eleven months away, the recruiting class of 2011 is already showing potential. had the chance to talk with one of the promising athletes who attended Baylor's "Junior Day" last month. Read on to find out the schools this Quarterback's signing sights are focused in on.

In the arena of High school football, there are mainly two types of quarterbacks; those who pass and those who rush. Occasionally, you come across an athlete who can do both. Dominic Merka does both, and with 1000 yards passing plus 1000 yards rushing for his Junior season, he does them both pretty darn well. Merka started off by telling us a little about the schools he'd been in contact with.

"The only offer I have right now is from TCU, but I've talked to schools in the Big twelve and I went to Baylor's Junior day as well as TCU's Junior day this past Saturday."

Merka informed us that he passed up Nebraska's junior day in order to attend TCU's but has an upcoming visit to Texas Tech planned. With such a large selection at this point, we asked Merka what he was looking for in a program.

"The main reason for going to college is academics, to get a degree. But, if I had the choice and played quarterback in college, I'd like to play for a spread type offense; something where the quarterback runs. It wouldn't bother me though if I went to a college got moved to a different position."

When asked what other position he might be playing at, Merka replied that he could see himself being built into a tight end or possibly a safety; at 6'4", 210 lbs., it could happen. To focus on his career at Quarterback though, we asked him to throw modesty aside and tell us his strengths.

"I think my strength as a quarterback is mobility outside the pocket. I also one of the bigger quarterbacks that has some speed. I think that both of those together make me the dual threat; I could run it just as well as throw it."

As stated earlier, with 2000 yards overall, "dual threat" sounds about right. And as for a possible top five from this dual threat?

"TCU, Baylor, Texas A&M, Texas, and Maybe Houston or Texas Tech. The big factor is who's going to give me a scholarship."

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