Going into Spring - WIDE RECEIVERS

Reggie Newhouse is gone, as is Ray Harrington and Bobby Darnell. Robert Quiroga would appear to be the "heir-apparent" as the "go-to" receiver for Baylor's quarterbacks, but J.T. Thompson and Marques Roberts are also going to be in the mix. In fact, Baylor has several receivers on campus and this spring will offer an opportunity for all to compete. The staff will be looking for who runs the best routes, and most importantly, who will hold onto the football.

Baylor receivers made 224 catches last season for 2,778 yards, but only 10 touchdowns. In comparison, the Baylor defense gave up 30 TD's through the air. There would have been more catches, but some were dropped, and that will be one thing the new staff will want to fix come spring training.


Vince Copeland, 6-3, 180, it may surprise you to learn was the leading rusher for Baylor last season in the catagory of yards gained per rushing attempt. Vince ran the ball twice on end-arounds, and gained a total of 28 yards, and get this - scored on both attempts. Vince played in 11 of 12 games and started in 1. Vince caught 13 passes for 86 yards, an average of 6.6 yards per catch. His longest gainer was a 33-yard completion and run, but he didn't catch any passes for touchdown.

J Fields, 6-2, 197, didn't have a single pass reception in 2002, although he did participate in 7 games. J Fields will certainly be looking to "show up" in spring practice.

Ryan Jeffrey, 6-4, 190, broke his arm early last fall and didn't play a single snap. it was one of the hardest things Ryan has ever had to go through, but he will be looking to make up for loss time this spring. Ryan combines good size with excellent speed.

Justin MacGibbon, 6-2, 188, was a teammate of QB Shawn Bell at China Spring where the twosome combined for a lot of passing yards. He walked on for the 2002 season, but was given a scholarship at midterm. He'll be thrown-in the mix for spring training.

John Martin, 6-0, 184, played in 11 of 12 games and started 3 of them. He caught 8 passes for 129 yards and one TD. John is a possession receiver with better than average speed.

Robert Quiroga, 6-2, 190, had an excellent season last fall, second only to Newhouse with 49 catches for 556 yards and 1 TD. He also rushed the ball once for 6 yards. His most memorable catch was a 41-yard beauty resulting in a TD that was instrumental in the come from behind win over Kansas. Robert, already a track All-American, has aspirations of also becoming a football All-American.

Charles Radford, 6-3, 165, played in all 12 games last fall, making 10 grabs for 66 yards. He is extremely fast and could be exciting to watch in 2003.

Marques Roberts, 6-2, 220, had a fall-off in 2002 catching only 6 passes for 117 yards and one TD. Roberts started the first six games and played in a total of 11 games.

Trent Shelton, 6-2, 192, redshirted last season as a true freshman. When he arrived at Baylor, he was only about 170 pounds, but the weight room has been good for Trent and this spring, he will get more than one opportunity to show his stuff.

J.T. Thompson, 5-10, 190, pulled dual duty also last year. He had one carry which netted 11 yards, and he caught 16 passes for 133 yards, finishing fourth in yardage, but third in number of passes caught. J.T. also returned 7 punts for 22 yards.


Baylor Barbee, 6-5, 211, Jr-Sq, Abilene Wylie
Jon Goodier, 6-3, 195, Jr-Sq, Kingwood High
James Whiteland, 6-6, 200, Fr-Rs, Tyler Chapel Hill

Next report will be short, but will cover the TIGHTENDS.

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