Skyline Safety Searching

With nearly a dozen offers from Division 1 schools, Frank Shannon is taking his time to decide on where to play. has the latest on the recruitment race for this three star prospect.

Standing at 6'1", 220 pounds, and boasting 4.5 second forty, Frank Shannon is a physically impressive specimen. However, as any real connoisseur of the game knows, it takes both brains and brawn to make a superior player; Shannon believes he fits that niche quite nicely.

"I consider being able to read my keys one of my big strengths; it's the reason I think I do so well. I can anticipate where the play is going and make the tackle whenever."

The intelligence of a player can also be noted by the aspiration to get more out of a college experience than just a shot at the gridiron…although, Shannon wants that as well.

"When I do pick a school, they need to have good academics, a really good football program and I plan on having some fun while I'm in school, so somewhere I can do that."

With that being said, Shannon recently attended a Junior Day at the exemplary academic Baylor University. He had this to say about it:

"It went pretty well. They have a nice campus and I like the athletic facilities. They had a nice coaching staff and I got to meet some of the players; everybody there was cool and everything."

Shannon also mentioned that, while there, he discussed with the defensive coaching staff about how his talents would be utilized should he choose to play for the Bears. However, the real question is where he will be practicing during his collegiate days.

"I don't really know; haven't thought about it much right now."

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