Just Being Polite

Three-star quarterback Ryan Polite is getting a few looks, but a surprising lack of offers. He discussed with BearsIllustrated.com about his talks with Baylor as well what other schools are in pursuit.

Ryan Polite is a three-star quarterback from a 5A school with one current offer to play football; that offer comes from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. However, Polite is more interested in schools a little closer to home, quite possibly in Waco.

"If I'd have to pick a top five, I'd say Baylor, Texas A&M, SMU, University of Houston, and Rice."

Polite has had several opportunities to sample Baylor football life; so far, he likes what he sees.

"I went to Baylor's junior day and liked the facilities and the recruiting coaches I talked with; Got to meet some of the players too. I also went to one of their spring practices but I haven't heard much from them since. I'm still interested though."

As Baylor is currently set at quarterback, only time will tell if they extend an offer to Polite. However, he still plans on attending camp at Baylor this summer, and is currently being talked to by fellow Big 12 Universities Texas A&M, Kansas, and Kansas State.

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