Going into Spring - TIGHTENDS

First thing one will notice is there is no picture for this article. The reason is simple - the Tight Ends were not involved enough in the offense of late to even get their pictures taken. With so little exposure, it's hard to rate the talent simply because they just haven't been that much of a factor. If one was to throw them in with the OL and look for blocking skills, that might indicate something, but how many watch the blocking when a game is in progress?

One TE from last season, Luke Groth, had been moved to defensive tackle. One more from last season graduated. This report will be short because this is not a deep position. There will be another TE in camp come August, but for the spring, two will get the work.

Shane Williams, 6-4, 240, Sr-3L - Shane had two receptions last season for 11 total yards and one touchdown.

Billy Crawford, 6-2, 226, Jr-2L - Billy played in all 12 games last season and started the Texas Tech game. He didn't have a single reception.

Iris Williams, 6-5, 240, Fr-Rs - Cousin of former Baylor standout OL, Fred Miller, Iris has it all in front of him. Fans will eagerly be watching in the spring for some indication of how this youngster can affect our offense.

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