Going into Spring - DEFENSIVE TACKLES

Again, this article has no corresponding picture. All the DT's who have done the most work the past couple of years are now gone. Kevin Stevenson, Ethan Kelley, and Travis Hicks all finished their eligibility last fall. Paired with that is the fact that the previous Baylor coaching staff was unable to convince any of the several DT recruits who chose Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, etc., to change those commitments and come to Baylor. JUCO DT's have also been elusive, even for this staff.


Lorenzo Davis, 6-4, 298, So-1L - Lorenzo only played in three games last fall, against Samford, Colorado, and Oklahoma State. Against Samford he had one solo tackle and one assist, against Colorado it was one solo tackle, and against Oklahoma State he didn't make a single stop. That's not encouraging at all. Lorenzo is very green and will have to have grow considerably just to be able to "toe the line."

Michael Gary, 6-3, 296, So-1L - Michael is not a scholarship athlete, but is included simply because he played last year, until he was injured and lost for the remainder of the season. That injury came in the second game of the season against Samford. In neither of those first two games is Mike credited with a single tackle, or even an assist. To say his exposure was minimal is an overstatement. Hopefully, he will have recovered sufficiently from his injury to contribute in the spring.

Corey Ford, 6-3, 272, Fr-RS - Corey was redshirted last season, so he is relatively an unknown commodity. All eyes will be trained on this youngster during the spring to see how he looks.

Luke Groth, 6-5, 265, Jr-2L - I should have put Luke at the top of the lists, if for no other reason he has more experience than all the others combined. Yes, Luke played TE last season in all 11 of the 12 games he participated in, but he registered as many solo tackles, 2, as the others combined. In addition to that, however, Luke played in all 11 games the previous year as a Defensive Tackle. He only made one tackle but the 3 total unassisted tackles during the two years makes him the leader among returning players. It's still not much in the way of added experience, but at this stage of the game, any is something. Luke has excellent speed and quickness for a defensive tackle. We can only hope he has the maturity and ageing to make some kind of difference. Afterall, he seems to be the best hope for any kind of difference maker.


Eric Jackson, 6-4, 280, So-SQ - Eric has had his problems scholastically. He was redshirted his first year. Then last year, he became academically ineligible, but was kept on scholarship in hopes he could get his academics in order. Presently, he is back in Denison at Grayson County Junior College attempting to do just that. We won't have him this spring, but if successful, he could be here for the August Camp. If he does become eligible, it will be his third season and he has yet to step on the playing field.

Like some cartoons say, "That's all, folks!" Minimal experience, minimal proven talent, and so very young. Not a single ingredient to inspire the least bit of confidence going into spring, much less, the season. Hopes are aplenty that one or two "late qualifiers" who are defensive tackle candidates can be found before August, but that, like what we have, is a wing and a prayer . . . make that two prayers.

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