Sunday Quotes: Coach Briles

After Baylor's convincing 34-3 win over the Sam Houston State Bearkats on Saturday, Coach Briles sat down with a few members of the media on Sunday to give his take. was on hand, and we bring you highlights from the session.

After Baylor's convincing 34-3 win over the Sam Houston State Bearkats on Saturday, Coach Briles sat down with a few members of the media on Sunday to give his take.

On the effort his team gave on Saturday:

"We saw what we wanted to see as far as effort, intensity, and enthusiasm. Those things that you have to have. Our guys played extremely hard, we might not have been as clean as we would like to be in some areas, but we played hard and we won. That's the main thing. There are some things that we can correct and get better at which we will do. The good thing is we got a win to work on those things with."

On the offense not clicking in portions of the game:

"You have got to be careful not to be a perfectionist. We certainly feel like we can play a whole lot better, and we will play a whole lot better. We had opportunities and we took advantages of some, and some we didn't. They [Sam Houston State's defense] came in with an all or nothing type of attitude, and I will be surprised if we see that philosophy much more this season, quite honestly."

On how much the Baylor crowd did for the team:

"It was amazing. The walk was very inspirational, and then to see the stadium full, I mean, to me it looked full, likewise. It's a deal where we feel the need to produce and perform. It's gratifying knowing there's a lot of people that want us to do well. They had a lot of energy, and I think that's why we came out pretty hot. We did start hot on both sides of the ball. I do like the way we started with the exception of the opening drive."

On losing intensity after going up 28-0:

"I don't know [the reason]. That's what we will have to see. I don't think we kept the intensity level that we would have liked to keep, now we did miss a couple of good opportunities there in the 3rd quarter to add another score or two. But, that is just about execution. To me, that is not because of lack of intensity. That's just about executing."

On the play of the offensive line:

"I think they did well. They played hard. Of course, there were some missed assignments due to some of the looks they were giving. But if you play hard and hustle that makes up for it and they did that. They kept some plays alive by their hustle."

On the play of the defensive line:

"I thought they were really good. They really played fast the whole night, really pushed up field. We didn't get as many sacks as we'd like, but we created some bad throws and things by the quarterback just by pressure."

On the running game and staying patient:

"Not that 200 yards is a big rushing night, but for the limited number of carries, it ended up being okay. That's a deal where you just have got to be patient and that if you bust the line of scrimmage you have the chance to go a long way. It‘ll happen. The running game will happen. What we didn‘t do a good job of last night early is making positives yards on first down. Once we saw how they were playing us, we knew it was going to end up being that situation. Our 3rd down percentage was not very good, and that was dictated by us taking chances on first downs."

On Robert Griffin III's carries:

"I think his role will increase as we go along. He could have had a lot more last night. There are a couple of things that could have really nullified what they were really trying to do defensively that we chose not to do last night, but on down the road, we would make different decisions."

On the play of the cornerbacks:

"I was really pleased with them. I thought they were very active. I thought they were very active not only in the passing game, but in forcing the running game a little bit. It's like we knew coming in, we have a 4 or 5 guys back there that we have a lot of confidence in. That is one of the deepest areas of our football team now is the cornerback position."

On the play of the linebackers:

"They have got to be physical, they have got to be fast, and they have got to be fearless. They did those things last night. They moved around, the flew around, they got to the ball, helped clean-up tackles, initiated a few, and they really did a good job. They were cut loose by the way our d-line played up front. I thought those guys up front really occupied some people, pressed the line of scrimmage, and created a lot of plays for other folks."

On rotating guys into the game:

"We didn't play as many people as we wanted to. That's just the way it worked out, but as far as our rotation, I think we are pretty much on cue with most people. If we would have run the ball a little better, I think we would have seen a little more rushing attempts from some of those running backs. But it was a night where it wasn't a run night, it was a throw night."

On new center Philip Blake's performance

"I was pleased with Philip Blake's play. Starting a new center is just like starting a new quarterback. You come in following J.D. [Walton] who might go down as the best center ever in Baylor football. To come in there and be as clean as he was that first game, I thought was very impressive."

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