Rich Getting Richer..

DT and OL are the two main positions that separate the non-AQ programs from the AQ programs with very few exceptions, notably Boise State and TCU. Now the rich could be getting richer as Boise State looks to add a former Esperanza HS standout. He might be a couple of years removed from the Friday night lights, but Sean Avila is a name that Bronco fans might want to remember going forward from 2010

DT and OL are the two main positions that separate the non-AQ programs from the AQ programs with Boise State being one of the few exceptions. The Bronco coaching staff has been able to identify talent at each of these positions and they'll be getting more help as former Esperanza HS DT Sean Avila (Anaheim, CA) will join the team in January. "I join the team in January," he said. "I guess right now I'm considered a walk-on. I'm just motivated to get back out on the field," he added.

Defensive Coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski offered Avila (Class of 2009) a few years ago, but the future Bronco found out he was ineligible due to not having enough credits. This situation wasn't Avila's fault, but rather a scheduling error by his guidance counselor. "It started when I was a sophomore and they set me up with the wrong classes," he stated. "My senior year came along and I thought I had all the right classes. I was told I was a few credits short and I had to take a few night courses."

The Boise State staff has shown they will stick with a recruit and help him battle through adversity. Pete Kwiatkowski continued to recruit (current Bronco) Tyrone Crawford knowing he would need to go the JUCO route for two years. Those efforts have paid off in a big way with Crawford giving the Bronco defense some major speed and playmaking ability off the edge. Crawford told BroncoCountry how grateful he was for "Coach K" sticking by him and Avila feels the exact same way. "Coach K has a big heart and loves football. He does a lot for his players and he's more than a coach," he said. "I spoke to Coach K just a few days ago. I have a lot respect for him and the Boise State coaches."

Sean (6'3, 275) has been working hard in the gym as he prepares to join the team in January. "I'm doing a lot of heavy lifting," Avila said. "I'll also go the grass and do some drills."

As a senior, Avila racked up nine sacks as he anchored the Esperanza D-line. What can Bronco fans expect to see from him? "I go for the ball every play. I just work hard and I love football," he said. "What I like about their defense is how you have more of an opportunity to do stuff. I was double-teamed in HS so I'm going to be able to do a lot more," he added. will continue to have updates on Sean Avila.

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