Boise State Breaks Three Modern Records

The records keep falling as Boise State continues its torrid pace under Head Coach Chris Petersen. The Broncos are 37-2 since 2008, the 7th-best record of all-time in college football in a three-year period. Boise State has tied USC for the modern record (since 1920) and can break the tie with a win in the Las Vegas Bowl December 22.

Boise State has set three modern records and tied two others. The Broncos shattered existing marks for the best 9-year record, the best 11-year record and the best 12-year record in modern college football history. They also tied modern marks for the best three-year and five-year records and can tie Nebraska for the best seven-year mark in modern history.

With its victory over Utah State last weekend, Boise State tied a modern record for the most wins in a three-year period. The Broncos, 11-1 this season, are now 37-2 since 2008. That tied the modern record set by USC, when the Trojans went 37-2 from 2003-2005.

Coach Chris Petersen's team has a chance to set a new modern mark if they are able to win their bowl game this season. The Broncos take on Utah in the Las Vegas Bowl December 22. Boise State is tied for 7th in college football history with that 37-2 mark. A win in the Vegas Bowl would push them up to #5 all-time, behind four legendary teams from the early years: Pennsylvania (43-1), Yale (42-1-2), Yale (41-2) and Pennsylvania (39-4).

Boise State also is in 10th place with their 36-3 record from 2002-2004. They are one of just three schools in college football history (Yale and Penn are the other two) to crack the top ten in two different time periods.

Last year, Boise State set modern college football records with the most wins in a decade and in an eight-year period and an NCAA all-time record with the lowest interception ratio.

Here are the top 10 for most wins in a three-year period:

1. Pennsylvania (43-1 from 1895-1897)

2. Yale (42-1-2 from 1894-1896)

3. Yale (41-2 from 1888-1890)

4. Pennsylvania (39-4 from 1892-1894)

5. Yale (37-1 from 1887-1889)

6. Minnesota (37-1-1 from 1903-1905)

7. Boise State (37-2 from 2008-2010*)

7. USC (37-2 from 2003-2005)

9. Nebraska (36-1 from 1993-1995)

10. Boise State (36-3 from 2002-2004)

Coach Petersen's team also tied the five-year record, as his Broncos have gone 60-5 since 2006. Nebraska (60-3 from 1993-1997) and Oklahoma (60-7 from 2000-2004) are the other teams tied for that mark. Boise State can tie Nebraska's modern record for most wins in a seven-year period (81-8 from 1993-1999) with a win against Utah. Boise State is currently 80-10 from 2004.

Boise State obliterated three other records this season. The Broncos broke modern records for most wins in a nine-year period, most wins in an 11-year period and most wins in a 12-year period. Nebraska (102-12 from 1993-2001) and Oklahoma (102-19 from 2000-2008) were the previous record holders until Boise State blew them away with a 105-12 mark from 2002-2010. The Broncos ran past Florida State's 11-year modern record of 120-15-1 from 1990-2000 by going 123-18 from 2000-2010. The Seminoles' 12-year mark of 130-17-1 from 1989-2000 was also beaten by Boise State with a 133-21 record from 1999-2010.

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