Signing Day With The Bronco Recruits: Part 1

Boise State signed a total of nineteen new recruits in the 2011 recruiting class and there might be one or two surprises still yet to come. The coaching staff addressed the needs on both sides of the ball and caught a few "big fish" in the process. spoke to a handful of future Broncos about their Signing Day experience.

Logic says that recruiting should become easier as a program experiences more and more success. That simply isn't the case as success opens up a whole new wave of competition when it comes to the recruiting process. The Boise State staff fought hard to secure all nineteen commitments and then had to turn it up a gear to keep each of them in the fold. Lots of talent will be heading to Boise this summer as Boise State looks to continue its rise up the ranks in college football.

Samuel Ukwuachu (DE) (Pearland, TX) - "I signed at 7:01 am. It felt good to sign since I have known that's where I'm going to go. I've been working four years to get there and now I have four more years of work ahead of me before I can get to the NFL."

Adam Sheffield (OL) (San Jose, CA) - "For me, I got up at about 6:30 my time and faxed the papers about thirty minutes later. I felt really good about it and had a big dinner that night with my family. Looking back, I was fortunate enough to receive an offer from Boise State and that really humbled me. It really opened my eyes since I'll have the chance to play for such a highly touted program. I'm looking forward to getting up there and getting to work."

Marcus Henry (OL) (Bellevue, WA) - "I signed at 10 am with a couple of my friends and The Seattle Times came to interview us at our school. I really knew where I wanted to go all along. UW coming into play mixed things up a bit, but I knew where I wanted to go and where I belonged. I'm extremely happy that it's over with and I don't have to go through all those calls again."

Jay Ajayi (RB) (Frisco, TX) - "It was kind of crazy since we didn't have school that day because of snow and the power went out on top of that. I was in the process of signing my LOI when the power went out. It was pretty crazy, but I was able to get it done. We were able to fax it at home since we have a printer-faxer. It was a moment to exhale and was pretty amazing."

Jeff Worthy (DT) (La Habra, CA) - "I signed it in the morning and my mom took it to work to fax it. I went to school and signed again in front of family, friends, and coaches at 1:30. I was on KTIK that afternoon at 3:20. It feels good since it's over and I can just start training now. I don't have to worry about other schools coming at me."

Corey Bell (ATH) (Boise, ID) - "We had a ceremony at our school for kids that were signing in all sports. I did a couple radio interviews and a couple TV interviews too. It feels good to make it official and finally be able to say that I'm a Bronco."

Dillon Lukehart (ATH) (Eagle, ID) - "It was such an exciting day and was a big relief to get everything off my shoulders. I signed at about 7:20 that morning and just sending it gave me goose bumps. It's a dream come true and really makes you think about everything."

Robert Ash (DL) (Elk Grove, CA) - "I had three different ceremonies that day and signed my first autograph at the bowling alley. I was just so happy. It feels real good, it's relaxing. I'm just glad I'm going to Boise State. I signed, it's official, and no more texts or phone calls. I was ready to sign and have been ready since last year. You know, Coach Petersen told me not to commit unless I'm 100% and I have been the whole way. Coach Gomes felt Boise State was the best place for me and I agree with him. It feels good."

Stay tuned for Part Two of Signing Day With The Bronco Recruits.

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