Signing Day With The Bronco Recruits: Part 2

Boise State signed a total of nineteen new recruits in the 2011 recruiting class and there might be one or two surprises still yet to come. The coaching staff addressed the needs on both sides of the ball and caught a few "big fish" in the process. spoke to a handful of future Broncos about their Signing Day experience.

Logic says that recruiting should become easier as a program experiences more and more success. That simply isn't the case as success opens up a whole new wave of competition when it comes to the recruiting process. The Boise State staff fought hard to secure all nineteen commitments and then had to turn it up a gear to keep each of them in the fold. Lots of talent will be heading to Boise this summer as Boise State looks to continue its rise up the ranks in college football.

Dallas Burroughs (WR) (Meridian, ID) - "It was awesome. We had a little gathering at lunch with some of my friends and the football team. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to represent Rocky Mountain at Boise State."

Jimmy Laughrea (QB) (Rocklin, CA) - "Well, I was kind of hoping that it would be a family/private thing with a few neighbors that have followed me over the years. I showed up at 6:30 and there were a bunch of TV reporters and news people at the school. All of a sudden they informed me that I'd be doing a live interview and I was just like...ok. Overall, it was still a great experience since not too many kids have the opportunity to be on TV and go to a great program like Boise State."

Taylor Loffler (ATH) (Kelowna, BC) - "It was a pretty crazy day. I signed at like 7:01 am and went over to Vancouver. TSN put on a thing for me and another kid that came out of Canada. It was real different, cameras were just all over the place. I'd say it was a real good experience."

Hayden Plinke (TE) (Hillsboro, OR) - "I had a ceremony the night before Signing Day and signed the next morning at 7 am. I signed in the athletic office at school and faxed it over to Boise State. All the coaches were there to share the moment with me. I know I'm not there yet, but the dream is coming true."

Lee Hightower (ATH) (Los Angeles, CA) - "I had that feeling at Boise and I knew that was where I wanted to go. I liked the school, the environment, and the guys there. I already knew Boise was the best place for me, so that made Signing Day that much more special."

Eric Agbaroji (ATH) (Midlothian, TX) - "Well, it's kind of funny since school was canceled on Signing Day. We had a ceremony the following Monday and that was pretty cool. Some news people came by, TV cameras, and things like that. Personally, I was just glad it was over and now I can concentrate on getting there."

Rees Odhiambo (OL) (Mansfield, TX) - "School was closed on Signing Day, so I had to fax it from home. We had a ceremony that following Tuesday. It was nice and I'm glad I could share my accomplishment with others."

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