Boise State to Big East?

In what seems to be an almost impossible marriage, speculation, rumors, and news reports are swirling that Boise State, on the eve of it's first Mountain West Conference game, may be about to bolt from the home that it coveted for years, to go to the Automatic Qualifying Big East Conference. Hold onto your hats...

It started out as a running joke, "Boise State would join any AQ Conference, even the Big East.".. then it turned into a running diatribe by the Bronco faithful, "If the Big East would invite TCU, then they should invite Boise State too and get the 2 best Non-AQ teams."

Now it appears that it's coming to pass.

Reports are all over the internet that the Big East is on the verge of inviting Boise State, the Air Force Academy, Navy, the University of Central Florida, Houston, and Southern Methodist.. to get to a 12 team, 2 conference Big East.

The new Big East(ish) would be much stronger than the existing configuration, and the fear that is reportedly driving this push is the potential loss of the Big East's AQ status due to lack of BCS 'points'.

Boise State is widely acknowledged as the only source of BCS points that would actually benefit the Big East in its quest to retain it's AQ status.

Stay tuned to the BroncoCountry BCS-MNC/Conf. Realignment Speculation Board, for the very latest udpates on what appears to be a historic time for Boise State.

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