Idaho SBOE OK's Bronco's Move to Big East

Dr. Kustra met today with the Idaho State Board of Education via teleconference as he was out of town. Good thing because Dr. Kustra probably burst into a happy dance at the end of the vote. Boise State received the official OK to change it's Athletic Conf affiliation, opening the way for Boise State to join the Big East for the 2013-14 football season. An official invitation is expected very soon

The Idaho State Board of Education gave approval for Boise State to change its Athletic Conference Affiliation today with only 1 dissenting vote, that being Moscow Idaho resident, and current University of Idaho Professor, Bill Goesling.

Boise State is expected to announce it will accept a Football-only invitation to join the Big East Conference in the next few days, as well as announce where it will house it's other 'Olympic' sports should it accept the Big East's invitation and officially disassociate from the Mountain West.

Stay tuned to for the very latest details as they come available.

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