Future Bronco Looks Ahead To Official Visit

Dr. Phillips HS QB Nick Patti (Orlando, FL) will be in Boise this weekend for his official visit. The talented QB led his team to a 56-42 win over Freedom HS on Friday night as the Panthers clinched yet another district championship. Now they set their sights on the state playoffs which are just around the corner. He spoke to BroncoCountry.com about his outstanding season & his future as a Bronco.

Dr. Phillips HS QB Nick Patti (Orlando, FL) verbally committed to Boise State back in May and will be in Boise this weekend for his official visit. The talented QB led his team to a 56-42 win over Freedom HS on Friday night as the Panthers clinched yet another district championship. Now they set their sights on that elusive state championship as the state playoffs are just around the corner.

"No question, it was a huge win," he said. "It was really a back and forth game. It was one of those games where we knew we had to score, knew they would score, and just really a championship atmosphere. It meant a lot to us and it was great to be a part of that atmosphere."

"I'm pretty excited about the way I played," he stated. "I'm glad I could perform that way for our guys. We needed some big plays and it was my time to step up and do it for them. Overall, it was kind of a different week. I tweaked my hamstring during the week, didn't do much physically, but wrapped it up and was ready to go."

"Playing a schedule like we do can really take a toll on your body," said Patti. "We wanted that challenge and our staff does a great job of keeping us in-shape. We lift a lot during the season and that really helps us get in-shape and stretch it out. You just have to push through it."

The Broncos will battle the Horned Frogs this Saturday on The Blue and Patti will be in attendance.

"I leave on Friday to go to the TCU game," he said. "I'm bringing my mom, dad, and brother with me. I'm psyched about it. I think it'll be an awesome game and a great atmosphere. I'm glad to see that TCU is doing well since that'll help us out if we can win."

"I've seen practices, but I'm looking forward to seeing the game-day atmosphere, pre-game thing, and that stuff," said Patti. "I want to see how the game goes from the sidelines, the actual tempo, and it'll be exciting to see those things."

"I'm 100% committed."

The future Bronco also keeps in close contact with Head Coach Chris Petersen. They usually talk at least once a week.

"Me and my dad spoke to Coach Pete on Monday or Tuesday," he said. "He was just calling to shoot the breeze. Coach Pease came to my game last week so we talked a lot about that. We just talked about the future, nothing out of the ordinary."

"He said Coach Pease was impressed," said Patti. "He likes that I bring a different aspect to the game with my feet. He was also impressed with the way I ran the huddle. He likes consistency and obviously Kellen (Moore) is pretty darn consistent. One thing we talked about was being in the shotgun a lot. He wants me to keep working on under center stuff."

"No question, Coach Pete is different than other coaches," he said. "You can tell when someone is genuine and not just saying things to benefit their own program. He's a real genuine guy. You feel it when you talk to him."

Patti will enroll at Boise State for the spring semester and says he'll arrive in Boise on January 15th.

"I arrive on January 15th," he said. "That's when I fly out," he added.

"I'm going to major in marketing. That's something I've always wanted to do. It opens a lot of doors for me."

The new football facility became a hot topic over the past few days as new pictures were unveiled and the fund raising campaign is in high gear. Patti says he saw the pictures and believes the new facility looks "awesome."

"The new facility looks awesome," he said. "I thought it was really cool. I was impressed with it and saw a few other pictures on Facebook. It's very exciting and will help us recruit later on."

"Coach Pete used that as a recruiting tool," said Patti. "He's excited about it. No question, it's something he really wants. He wanted me to know I could be a part of it and a part of Boise State when they broke it in."

"I've been able to form a great relationship with Coach Pete," he said. "It's a unique form of trust when you're coming 4,000 miles away. It's great to be able to call my future coach, ask him a question, and get an answer."

And the move to the Big East? Patti is "100% on-board" with that idea.

"I'm 100% on-board with that," he said. "I know my parents love it. It'll be a great opportunity to come back and play USF and UCF. UCF is just a few minutes from my house. It'll be great."

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