Recruiting Impact of Big East Move

Boise State officially joined the Big East on December 8th, a move that provides a number of benefits for the program. A BCS bid for the champion, more TV money, and better bowl possibilities make this a wise move for Boise State, but what do recruits think about it? spoke to a handful of current commits and prospects considering Boise State to get their thoughts on the Big East.

Currently Committed To Boise State:

Steven Baggett - "I was definitely excited about that. SMU is pretty much right next to my house. It'll be great to come home and see family and all of that. It makes it that much better knowing you can come home more than once."

Travis Averill - "That'll be awesome. It'll be nice to play some new teams in a good conference. It'll be fun to travel around like that."

Armand Nance - "My mom got really excited about that when I first told her. It's good for me too. I'll be able to catch up with a couple guys from home. That'll be fun."

Nick Patti - "No doubt, this is big. We're in the Big East now. That's an answer to all my prayers. It means a lot to me."

Jack Fields - "I think it will help recruiting nationally. Playing against some other great teams, getting kids from Texas, New Jersey, will be really good. Boise State will go to another level once the coaches can start getting that other talent."

Christopher Santini - "I think it's a good move. Coach Pete said we'll get a lot more time on ESPN. Playing better teams and expanding the fanbase to new places will be great."

Donte Deayon - "That'll be a great experience. Now we're combining East and West. That will be different, but fun as well. To be able to finally get that BCS bid is a good thing."

Andrew Pint - "I think that would be great. I remember watching ESPN and seeing them talk about it. Honestly, the conference that we play in doesn't matter too much to me. I'm fine with anything as long as it's D-1."

Chanceller James - "It's going to be great and having San Diego State with us makes it that much better. I have a lot of San Diego State fans in my family and to be able to play in front of them will be nice."

Recruits Considering Boise State:

Dylan Cozens - "It's a good move for Boise State. To be able to play better teams and get a BCS bid will help the program."

(2013) Cooper Bateman - "This is definitely a good move for Boise State."

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