The Boise State All-Opponent Team: Receivers

Boise State has faced some great receivers since opening up for four-year football beginning in 1968. As part of the series to determine the All-Opponent Football Team, we consider these 20 semifinalists.

In determining the best wide receivers to play against Boise State, one can easily click off any number of great ones:

Roger Carr, Nate Burleson, Bernard Berrian, Davone Bess, Ed Bell, Sam McCullum, Michael Haynes, Eric Yarber, Pete Mandley, Alex Van Dyke, Troy Edwards, Deion Branch, Mike Hass, Kevin Curtis, Trumaine Johnson, Phillip Livas, Chad Owens, Ryan Grice-Mullen, Chris Williams, A.J. Harris, Greg Salas, Jason Rivers, Nichiren Flowers, Ashley Lelie, Lionel Manuel, Trevor Insley, James Jones, James Rodgers, Yo Murphy, Kasey Dunn, Chris Lacy, Robb Thomas, Keith Poole, Tony Simmons, Robert Farmer, Freddie Mitchell, James Newson, Eddie Berlin, Boo Williams, Johnnie Lee Higgins, Leonard Hankerson, Steve Smith, and Austin Collie are just a few of them.

From this list, we carefully chose the 20 wide receivers we believe to be the best. And those 20 will now be set before BroncoCountry in two semifinal polls. To help decide, I've included the statistics of each:

Ed "The Flea" Bell, Idaho State Bell put up outstanding numbers: 163 catches for 2,676 yards (16.4) and 30 TD's in just two years at Idaho State: He caught 118 passes for 1,774 yards (15.0) and 12 TD's in the NFL.

Bernard Berrian, Fresno State Berrian hauled in 182 passes for 2,588 yards (14.2) and 23 scores at Fresno State. In the NFL, Bernard has 288 receptions to his credit for 4,122 yards (14.3) and 24 TD's.

Davone Bess, Hawai'i Caught 293 passes for 3,610 yards (12.3) and 41 TD's Has 321 catches for 3,447 yards (10.7) and 12 TD's in the NFL

Deion Branch, Louisville Caught 143 passes for 2,204 yards (15.4) and 18 TD's in college Hauled in 518 passes for 664 yards (12.8) and 39 TD's in the NFL

Nate Burleson, Nevada Caught 248 passes for 3,287 yards (13.3) and 22 TD's in college Has 418 catches for 5,169 yards (12.4) and 38 TD's thus far in the NFL

Roger Carr, Louisiana Tech 114 receptions for 2,717 yards (23.8 avg.) and 19 TD's in college Caught 271 passes for 5,071 yards (18.7) and 31 touchdowns in the NFL

Austin Collie, BYU Had 215 catches for 3,255 yards (15.1) and 30 scores in college Thus far, Collie has 173 catches for 1,845 yards (10.7) and 16 TD's in the NFL

Kevin Curtis, Oregon State Had 174 catches for 2,789 yards (16.0) and 19 TD's in college After moving to the NFL, Curtis had 253 catches for 3,297 yards (13.0) and 20 TD's.

Troy Edwards, Louisiana Tech Caught 280 passes for 4,352 yards (15.5) and 50 TD's in his collegiate career Had 203 catches for 2,404 yards (11.8) and 11 TD's in the NFL

Mike Hass, Oregon State Finished his collegiate career with 220 receptions for 3,924 yards (17.8) and 20 TD's

Michael Haynes, Northern Arizona College statistics are incomplete at Northern Arizona, but Haynes blossomed in the NFL, catching 428 passes for 6,588 yards (15.4) and 47 TD's.

Trevor Insley, Nevada Insley had 298 catches for 5,005 yards (16.8) and 35 TD's in his collegiate career.

James Jones, San Jose State 126 catches for 1,496 yards (11.9) and 12 TD's in college Caught 251 passes for 3,488 yards (13.9) and 34 touchdowns in the NFL.

Ashley Lelie, Hawai'i Caught 194 passes for 3,341 yards (17.2) and 32 TD's in college Has 217 catches for 3,749 yards (17.3) and 15 TD's in the NFL

Pete Mandley, Northern Arizona Grabbed 139 passes for 2,599 yards (17.4) and 18 TD's and became one of the best all-purpose yardage players ever to meet Boise State. Had 172 catches for 2,370 yards (13.8) and 12 touchdowns in the NFL

Sam McCullum, Montana State Statistics at Montana State are incomplete, but Sam had 274 catches for 4,017 yards (14.7) and 26 TD's in the NFL.

Chad Owens, Hawai'i Owens excelled at Hawai'i, with 239 catches for 3,031 yards (12.7) and 29 TD's. Has 211 catches for 2,636 yards (12.5) and 9 TD's in the CFL

Greg Salas, Hawai'i Caught 285 passes for 4,345 yards (15.2) and 26 TD's in college Had 27 catches for 264 yards (9.8) in the NFL

Steve Smith, Utah Smith had 78 catches for 1,603 yards (20.6) and 12 TD's at BYU. Has 772 catches for 11,452 yards (14.8) and 63 TD's in the NFL

Chris Williams, New Mexico State Williams had 246 catches for 3,555 yards (14.5) and 32 TD's in college. Has 153 catches for 2,362 yards (15.4) and 17 TD's in the CFL

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