Catching Up With A.J. Richardson, Still Blue?

Nathaniel Narbonne HS WR AJ Richardson (Harbor City, CA) verbally committed to Boise State in February and signed an LOI with Boise State at his school assembly, but never faxed it in as first, he needed get a qualifying ACT/SAT. It's been nearly 5 months since he pledged to Boise State and there have been no updates on his status.. so, where does AJ Richardson stand? Will he play on the Blue?

Nathaniel Narbonne HS WR A.J. Richardson (Harbor City, CA) verbally committed to Boise State back in February as a member of the 2013 recruiting class, but didn't sign an LOI with Boise State as he still needed an ACT/SAT score to go along with his GPA.

So not that it's been nearly 5 months since he signed, how have things gone in the quest to become qualified? We reached out to A.J. to get the latest on his quest to play on the Blue, and found out quickly that in this case, no news was indeed very good news.

"I passed the ACT," he said. "I studied for it, felt good about it, and knew I was going to make it," he added.

"The coaches were real happy," he stated. "Now they just want me to work on getting my knee better."

"I'm going to grayshirt," said Richardson. "I'll enroll in January. I've been going to physical therapy three times a week for my knee and getting it strong. I'll be 100% when I go up there."

He went on to say that the knee continues to make progress and the future Bronco is currently able to jog during workouts.

"I can jog," he said. "Just knowing I have a big opportunity like this continues to motivate me. It makes me want to work that much harder so I can compete right away when I get to Boise."

"I talk to Bryan (Douglas) a lot," said Richardson. "He tells me not to rush back and to take it easy. He wants me to just let it come to me. I'm real excited to compete with him in practice just like we did at Narbonne."

So, what can Bronco fans expect to see from AJ Richardson?

"A team player," he said. "I've got good hands, good speed, and a great attitude," he added.

His incredible physical characteristics aside, if his determination to qualify and heal his knee are any indication, Richardson will come to Boise with exactly the sort of great attitude that has made Boise State the powerhouse they are. will continue to have updates on AJ Richardson.

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