Hutchison Is Out To Make A Difference Now

When 2014 Boise State commit Chandler Hutchison heard Bronco Head Coach Leon Rice was a target for the same position at Washington State, he took it in stride. The Mission Viejo senior knows how things work with coaches of successful programs. They become coveted. But when Coach Rice signed a four year extension with Boise State he did more than make Bronco Basketball fans happy, he lit a fire..

It's true that Leon Rice's extension helped put Chandler Hutchison's mind at ease, but it also lit a fire under him to be the best player possible for the Broncos.

"I know it's all a business," Hutchison said of the annual movement of college coaches. "I tried to just be as understanding as possible. When a coach starts winning with a school, other schools are going to want them. I know how it is."

Even though Hutchison kept an even keel about the uneasy situation, he still had to think about his future if Rice departed. After all, above everything else, Coach Rice was the reason the still growing, rangy 6'6" 185-pound swingman chose to be a Bronco.

Without Rice, some tough questions may have arisen for Hutchison, who chose Boise in the early signing period over UC Irvine, Saint Mary's, Santa Clara and the University of San Diego, and who undoubtedly would have drawn major interest after a dominating Senior season.

"A little bit; that comes with it," he said when asked if a coaching change would have affected things. "If he'd left, then I would have had to think about it for a little bit.

"Coach Rice was a really big part of why I chose Boise State. His demeanor is something that really appealed to me. He's really easy-going, which is something that intrigued me for the next level.

I've always wanted to play for a coach like that in college."

The only returning starter on his team, Hutchison used his exceptional length and athleticism to lead the Diablos to a 25-8 record and a trip to the quarterfinals in the Division I state tournament. Being the one everyone depends on has been a learning experience for him but one he's embraced.

"I think it helps that I've had that leadership experience so really I can pick things up quicker," he said. "When a coach says something to me, I can lean on that experience and adjust better."

Though the Broncos appear loaded at the small forward position, Hutchison is confident and determined to make a name for himself sooner than later. He knows if he gives his all and works hard during the offseason, the sky is the limit.

"Talking with Coach [Jeff] Linder, I think I have a pretty good chance to start," he said, "but if they feel it's best that I come off the bench the first year, I'm willing to do that. I want to help the team as best I can."

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