Jackson Makes Name For Himself On OLine

Coaches have been flocking to Petaluma (Calif.) Casa Grande these days in search of some talented offensive linemen. But what they've found is that tackle Peter Parrick isn't the only one opening up holes for the Division II power. Junior guard Brendan Jackson, whose potential has some coaches gushing, is making a name for himself and has Boise State among the top teams on his list.

"That would be awesome to get to play for Boise State," said the 6'2", 280-pound masher who never saw a defender he didn't want to put on his back. "I would be happy. They would probably be in my Top 3. I like Cal and Boise State. San Diego State is OK.

"I couldn't say who's tops right now. It's pretty even."

Despite calling himself a "really competitive guy," Jackson doesn't think of it that way when it comes to his relationship with Parrick.

"It's more friendly between us," said Jackson, who doesn't have any timeline on making a decision. "We hang out and stuff like that off the field. On the field, in one-on-one drills and stuff, then it'll get competitive, but that's it. It's a brotherhood."

The two behemoths have been making the rounds with 2015 standout kicker Matt Abramo. They attended the Broncos Junior Day in April and have visited California, San Jose State, amongst other. They've also gotten visits from coaches SJSU, Idaho, San Diego State, UTEP and three visits from Cal.

Jackson is yet to receive any offers, but that seems like it might be a matter of time. Casa Grande head coach Trent Herzog thinks Jackson, who has heavy hands and explodes at the point of attack, could wind up being the best offensive lineman he's ever coached. Boise State Offensive graduate assistant Thomas Byrd, who was a four-year starter for the Broncos on the offensive line and has been the main recruiter of the Casa Grande players, has compared him to himself.

"Coach Byrd told me my size might be a little short to be a guard, but it'll be either that or center," said Jackson, who trains speed and agility with Parrick at Herzog's Luma Fitness two days a week in addition to his gym time at school. "I really don't care; I'm willing to play anything."

That willingness stems from a hatred of losing within Jackson. He's not afraid to do the dirty work to make sure his team is the one to come out with a win.

"I just try to beat my guy across from me," he said. "I just don't' want to end up losing. I'll do whatever I can to beat the guy in front of me. I don't like to lose. I like to win. Every time we lose, it feels like we didn't put enough work in to get it done. It's the worst feeling."

His commitment to winning has helped keep the Gauchos as one of the strongest teams in Northern California, including an undefeated regular season and trip to the Division II championship game last season. For his efforts, Jackson was named to the All-Metro, All- Empire and the Cal-Hi Sports Underclassmen First-Team All-State.

Jackson, who currently has a 5.33 40-yard dash and 305 single-rep bench max, knows he'll need to keep improving into his senior season to solidify those offers, but he's more concerned with getting his team back to the top of the heap.

"I probably need to work on everything; I just need to get better," he said. "But as a team, I would like for us to get back to the championship game as a team. I just want to get that ring. Obviously, I'd like us to win our league too."

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