Zavior Hoxie: Back With A Vengeance

An injury stole most of Zavior Hoxie's senior season, but the Buford (Ga.) two-way standout is fully healthy and ready to make the most of his opportunities during his freshman season at Boise State. He'll get his first chance on July 5 when he reports with his teammates.

"It was extremely frustrating," said Zavior Hoxie, of only playing pieces of four games last year. "I love to play, I love winning and contributing so it was tough. But I was able to coach on the sidelines and help out the younger players so that was nice.

"And I was able to keep all my scholarships so that was nice."

One of the growth plates in his Hoxie's was slightly out of place, which led to it becoming inflamed as the two-star athlete was asked to increase his workload at running back by necessity. Each time he attempted to come back and play, the hip flared up again and hindered his mobility. But with time off and a clean bill of health from the Broncos coaching staff, he knows the sky is the limit.

"The first goal is definitely just trying to make the travel squad," said the 6-foot, 190-pound Hoxie, who will play defensive back for Boise. "Really just want to do my best and try to get as much PT as I can as a freshman.

"Not many freshmen get to play so that's a big goal of mine. Plus, their first game is back in Georgia so I really want to be there for that.

Really I just want to do the best I can."

Hoxie is making sure he puts in the work during the offseason to give himself a chance at that trip to face Mississippi in the Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Classic at the Georgia Dome on August 28.

"I'm doing sprints, 110s, stadiums, ladders, band work, drills," he said. "I've been working with some teammates who area also going on to the next level. I had a personal trainer at one point. But because I have some teammates who are also going to big-time colleges, it was easier for us all to just go at the same time and work out."

When it came to selecting the right school, Hoxie could feel it right away when he got to Boise. He chose the Broncos over Georgia State, Wake Forest, Indiana, Illinois, East Carolina, Navy, Arkansas State and Wisconsin, amongst others.

"It really was when I stepped foot on campus and got to meet the players," he said. "They were great. They weren't standoffish or anything. You could tell they had a great atmosphere. The coaching staff is young and full of energy. You can tell they're really excited about the team. And of course the facilities are really nice."

Part of the draw for Hoxie, who is leaning toward a business management/marketing degree, was the new Micron Business and Economics Building and Boise's vaunted COBE program.

"It wasn't the reason for me to pick Boise," he said, "but it was definitely another plus that put it over the top for me."

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