"..I'm strong, and I play mean."

**FREE HOLIDAY CONTENT** Despite what he'd heard from his coach, when Garrett Larson visited the Boise State campus in January, he didn't expect an offer. But when the Broncos extended an offer, the standout offensive lineman decided he'd seen enough to take the intrigue out of his recruitment & become Boise's first commit of the 2015 class.. the day just after the 2014 class signed their NLI's.

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Garrett Larson, now, with a mind at ease over his decision, is preparing himself for his senior season and making sure he's as ready as he can be to get early playing time with the Broncos.

When asked about his early commitment, Larson explained that, "I was actually undecided on that," the 6'4", 270-pound two-sport star stated. "My coach let me know they might offer before my trip and when I got there, it was just incredible. Everything I was looking for. Coaches, facilities, everything."

"I've had a few schools want my transcripts, Washington and Nebraska have visited my school. My coach has turned a few people away and told them not to bother. It takes a lot of pressure off my shoulders going into my senior season. I can just play ball and have fun."

Looking ahead to his time at Boise, Larson is hopeful to get on the field as soon as possible and is willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Most days this summer, he'll be following a routine he hopes will get him ready for his senior year and then springboard him into a prominent role as a Bronco. Lifting for two hours in the morning with teammates, then field drills to work on deficiencies is the daily regimen.

"If anything, I need to work on my technique a little bit," said the strongman who has single-rep maxes of 315 pounds on bench, 275 on power clean and a 455-pound squat. "But I'm strong and I play mean."

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In addition to being a beast on the football field, Larson has also dominated on the wrestling mat. After losing in the state final during his sophomore year, the heavyweight exacted some revenge this year against Cole McGinnis, a two-time state champion and Weber State commit. Despite the success on the mat, Larson isn't thinking about maintaining his two-sport prowess at Boise State, a Top 25 wrestling school.

"My freshman year I came in at 190 and I thought college wrestling might be something I want to do," he said. "I have some friends who've done collegiate wrestling and I don't think I'd have enough cardio to do that. I don't think I love the sport enough to put that kind of time into it but football, that's a different story." Inspired by friends who were wrestling more than they were playing football, Larson first learned and loved grappling. It wasn't until he began to realize his potential on the field that his passion for football took hold.

"I never really started being interested in playing football until middle school, so no one person or event impacted me," he said. "I started playing in fourth grade and it was fun, but it wasn't until middle that I realized how dominant I could be. It made it more fun."

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