Quinten Pounds Talks Boise State Visit

He’d heard a few things about life in Boise, so Cypress (Calif.) athlete Quinten Pounds thought he knew what to expect when he took his official visit to Boise State during its first home game of the season. What the 2015 offer didn’t expect was that he’d enjoy himself so much.

“It was really good; I liked it a lot better than I thought I would,” said Quinten Pounds. “A lot of people were telling me it’s boring and that there isn’t much to do. “They took me around and showed me where the good places were to eat, the fun things to do. It was a good time.”

Pounds (6’, 160), who plans to announce his decision on October 29, the day before Cypress’ matchup with rival Kennedy, will make an official visit on Saturday, September 20 to Washington and then Colorado on October 4. Despite the trips, he says he doesn’t feel any pressure to make a decision while attending or following a visit, especially while at Boise.

“They didn’t try to pressure me to commit or anything like that,” he said. Even if they did, Pounds, who chooses corner over receiver of his two positions, is resolute in keeping his hard timeline.

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“No matter what, I’ll be making my decision on October 29,” he said. “Nothing’s going to move me off that date.”

The visit was just part of a busy weekend for Pounds. That Friday, the burner scored two touchdowns in the Centurions’ season-opening 26-21 win. He opened the scoring with a 70-yard touchdown reception, then scored on a 78-yard kickoff return to start the third quarter. He finished with 94 receiving yards and 71 rushing yards to go with the two scores.

He followed that up with 109 yards receiving and three touchdowns in a 41-0 win in Week 2, including a 62-yarder in the third quarter. He added 35 rushing yards.

Being versatile is nothing new to Pounds, who also plays basketball and is a high jumper. His coaches put him all over the field and take advantage of his athleticism. His rushing yards have come not from fly sweeps and screens, but from him being put in the backfield as a running back.

“I like it sometimes, but it doesn’t really let me be the best I can at one position,” he said.

A jack of all trades, he’s looking forward to the opportunities in the future where he can be just a master of one.

“I’m not sure if I’ll ever only play one position,” he said, “but it would be nice.”

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