Shelby Ransom

Nance Is Glad To Be Back on the Blue

Every so often, a player comes along that transcends sports, that attracts the attention of the general public. Boise State nose tackle Armand Nance is one of those individuals. His tough-nosed play and heartwarming and infectious enthusiasm have played a key role in the Broncos' success.

After missing a good portion of fall camp due to injuries, Boise State senior nose tackle Armand Nance is thrilled to be back to full action with his team, and the Bronco defense is glad to have him back.


“When you see that place…everyday, you see that Blue, you don’t want to miss it.  Every opportunity you get to step on it, you want to,” Nance said.


(video provided by Shelby Ransom)

Nance is beloved, not only by his Boise State teammates but by Bronco Nation, for his vocal leadership and his passion for the game and for his team.  When you attend a game in Albertsons Stadium, you’ll see big #40 at the center of the team giving a pre-game pep talk. 


“These guys are the main reason why I came to Boise State, so when I get to talk to them, I just want to tell them something that’s coming from my heart.”  When pressed on exactly what Nance was saying in those huddles, he said “I can’t tell you guys that!”


Nance said he began taking on the role of vocal leader of the team his junior season.  Last year, Armand picked up cornerback Donte Deayon after a Deayon interception halted an opponent's drive.  Nance then proceeded to throw Deayon over his shoulder and carried him off the field.  Nance, at 6-feet, 306 pounds, has arms bigger than most people’s legs.  He was rewarded with a starting spot on the Bronco defensive line in his sophomore season, and started all 14 games last season, helping Boise State to a 12-2 record and Fiesta Bowl win over #10 Arizona.


Like the rest of his teammates, Nance is excited about opening the 2015 football season at home:


“It’s always going to be good—it’s your home.  Nance then used an interesting analogy of playing video games:  “It’s always going to be good—it’s your home.  If you’re playing video games with your friends, you feel like you have an advantage because you have your controller instead of his controller.”  “You just have fun,” he continued.  “If you have fun with your brothers, it’s going to be a good day.”

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